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Beginner In Design? What Mistakes Should Be Avoid On Your First Steps

Are you making your first crucial steps in the Design Universe? Do you paint attention-grabbing and realistic drawings? Congratulations on your talent! But let me dip you into the most widespread beginners’ mistakes that you should avoid.

Let’s now look at specific examples of errors and how to solve them.

Possible mistakes and their solutions

1.Non-user-friendly site navigation.

If your visitor can’t figure out the menu buttons or how to find proper info, they will leave your site in seconds. Nowadays, no one desires to do puzzles. Everything, including the menu, should be clear and convenient.


Examine the opportunities from WordPress or ask the more experienced designer to teach the art of the title.


2. Congested design in general.

The content should be logically organized into a clearly stated sequence. Different elements have to be connected and not to obstruct each other. Even the most awesome drawings will lose their meaning if the focus of the visitor’s attention is degraded.


Coherent and straightforward elements will bring your brand to the top. Don’t play too much with colors and page makeup, and your future clients or friends will praise your efforts in this direction. Don’t forget about the required space between elements and sections. WordPress allows creating of different groups for pages, subpages.


3. Slow speed.

Times, when the comer was ready to spend hours loading the desirable information, are long gone. There is no sense in launching the latest technology and creating a fascinating design if it stonewalls the whole process.


Luckily for you, there are a lot of hosting providers which are able to provide you with efficient speed. You don’t have to trouble your head with this problem anymore, just find what suits best for you.


4. Indiscreet text body.

Even those who love reading will not be glad to read a solid, undivided piece. Smaller paragraphs are more comfortable to perceive and navigate through.


Please separate your text into blocks, change fonts, highlight in bold etc. Headings and lists make the text more readable and easier to perceive, but make sure not to overuse them. The whole text can be separated into blocks with images from photo stocks or with your own ones.


5. Pop-up windows.

There are plenty of websites that use pop-windows, but it is a vile practice. When the visitor sees the window covering the whole text, they rarely go on to click on the close button.


Please utilize modal windows only when it is truly necessary. Or, if the pop-up contains some really useful information, make sure to put a caution not to close the window immediately when the user sees it.

6. Design without adaption.

If somehow you chose not to use the responsive and adaptive design, it would be the best option to do it as soon as possible. Statistics show us that 70% of users open the sites through their mobile devices as they always carry them in their pockets.


Order the adaptive design or select from the options on some of the well-known hostings like WordPress.


7. The modern technology and no sense.

People love style and you can truly enhance their experience by adding some cool features and sophisticated designs. But if you don’t give them anything special, they will leave the site immediately.


But it is simpler to say than to do. Try to keep the design and content balanced. Try to predict the visitor’s expectations. For instance, if you’re working on the page targeted at the visitors from Australia, make sure that they can easily find the information they need. Therefore, one of the options you can use on your website is to educate them how to buy essay online for australian students.


8. Insufficient CTA – call to action.

Mostly, owners of websites set them up with a particular goal in mind. At the same time, they make two mistakes. One, is an inappropriate placement of CTA, where visitor just can’t find the right button to click. The second one, is placing the clashing CTAs all in one place which can get the user confused.


A key here is clearly visible buttons and concise content.  You should do your best to convince the user to click on a CTA button. The less info you inquire, the likely the visitor is to accept your suggestion.


9. The absence of share buttons.

In the era of social media, the share buttons are a must-have on the website. People have become lazy, and most of them just prefer to simply click on the corresponding icon. They don’t want to copy and paste the link, it’s time-consuming.


Make buttons visible. And make sure your visitors see these buttons not only right after they’ve read the article, but also at the beginning of the page, in case they’d want to share the info with anyone right away.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.