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Amazing Vintage Logo Designs

Vintage designs are the ultimate fashion trends whether we talk about clothes, shoes, home décor, gadgets or web design. This latest vintage “wave” has hit logo designs as well. Vintage logo designs stand out from the others, having a classy look to them and giving a stylish vibe to any project, regardless of the type of business. Here are some of the most popular types of vintage logos.


A badge means going back to the basics. Simple, clear shapes that work as stamps and can be applied to anything. Whether they’re circles, diamonds or shields, badges are really popular because of their versatility. Also, for extra visuals there’s the bike chains or thorny vines designs and of course, replacing the white by adding a little color is always welcome.

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Hand Drawn

Hand drawn logos are one of the best ways to attract retro style lovers. Everything that has at least a sketchy hint to it will definitely be visually appealing. Some of the best will even be considered art. Although many hand drawn logos have a more masculine look, there are also logos with a more feminine touch, like the flowers from MakeMediaCo.

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The 20th century has been all about industry. Everywhere you went you could see the simple logos of different companies – the most popular designs included hammers, axes, wrenches usually forming an X, as well as factories.

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Natural elements

Some of the most common elements featured in vintage logos are antlers, or animals with antlers like deers or moose. Of course, these go very well with the great outdoors: forests, mountains, tents. Also very popular are nautical elements such as fish, ropes and anchors. These designs represent some of the most appreciated graphical elements for vintage logos.

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Popular beverages

The most beloved drinks are by far coffee and beer. We’re all having at least one cup of coffee a day and men and beer have formed a tight bond over the years. So what better way to insure visual appeal than by using these two beverages for vintage logo art?

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Logos on Photos

The best way to make your logo pop is to try and overlay it on top of a photograph. If you choose the right color scheme, it will definitely enhance the overall appearance and catch the attention of the viewer. The reason logos nowadays go well with photos is that they’re very simple, as opposed to the older ones that were usually displayed over a solid background. So maybe you should give it a try.

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Line Art

As any other sort of design, vintage logos are constantly influenced by constantly evolving trends. There was a time when skeuomorphism was in trend and all vintage artwork had heavy textures. Now, the trend to follow is all about simplicity – thin lines and simplified illustrations.

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So, hopefully you’ll get inspired by all of these vintage logos and use the ideas for your projects or maybe you’ll come up with new ideas and why not, start a new trend.


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