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A Superb Collection Of Office Package Designs

Sometimes a simple design can make our day more beautiful. Adopting a minimalist style, these examples of packaging and custom boxes highlight the creativity and good taste. A package must not always be loaded with messages, directions or instructions but sometimes only with what is strictly necessary. As they say … Less is More.

Biltema Moving Boxes

“We were about to change supplier for our packing boxes and I got the job to make the design. My thoughts of this project was to show an “x-ray” of the inside of a common packing box, one big box and one small (for heavier things).” ( Emanuel Sendel, an in-house designer/art director for Biltema, the leading Nordic company in the area of car accessories, spare parts and tools)


“This project began with a question, “If Target opened up a higher end store to compete with Crate & Barrell and WIlliam Sonoma, then how would they brand their products? Aero is the answer. Aero is the line of branded house products that would be sold in stores. The line of departments are endless, however, we focused on food, office and kitchen. Aero’s strong branding is to be able to brand any product with minimum effort. The red callout allows the attention to be created on shelf, while remaining simple and pure to the concept of less is more.”

Plusminus Batteries

“I decided to go down the rechargeable battery route. There’s almost no emphasis on the ecological benefits of current rechargeable batteriesm which I wanted to explore. I used nature imagery to anthropomorphise the recharging of a battery by showing things humans need to live, and sometimes take for granted. I wanted a huge escape from the futuristic, swoosh and nasty gradient filled current battery market.

Everything was cut and folded using a manually controlled cutters and folders – no laser cutting was used. Was printed onto a recycled 405gsm grayboard.” Dan Bryant, a Graphic Design student in Glasgow

Luxury & Pencils

“A luxury product and simple to place on any desktop.”  (Swann Marchon, a third year student of School Arts in Geneva)

Monoprix Stationary

“Monoprix is a major French supermarket chain with 300 stores across France.  The brief was to re-design its own brand stationery range and to create a radically new design to bring to the category emotion, modernity, pleasure, a sense of product innovation, a ‘cool’ status to move away from the typically boring, bland, static scholar/stationery world. To goal was to link a diverse range of products under the same design concept and create cohesion on shelf.” (Lewis Moberly)

Green Marker

Page markers and simple packaging, design and sold by Yuruliku Design.

Birth Control Stamps

“The project is a non commercial brief that I completed recently at university. The brief was to create a special commemorative stamp collection for 2010. As the end of the decade will mark 50 years of the female oral contraceptive in the UK, I chose this as the focus for the stamps. The collection emulates a packet of contraceptive pills themselves with the dosage guidance forming part of the stamp graphics. The idea was to create something humorous but also something unusual that would intrigue people.” (David McGillivray, a student at at Brighton University)

Sliced Bread Notebook

This concept pack includes 12 notebooks resembling a pack of sliced bread. Each slice/pad have numbers on them. (1 to 12) You can use each notebook for the related month. Designed by Burak Kaynak and Cem Has (collaboration).

Surface – by Audiovox Accessory Corp

Audiovox Accessory Corporation – Surface screen cleaner and micro fiber cloth that is perfect for removing fingerprints and debris: for GPS devices, cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, portable games, portable DVD screens, remote controls, digital cameras, camcorders and other electronic devices.

Remarkable Pencils

A packaging project by Frost Design.

WH Smith

“Our brief was to create a compelling and inspirational solution. Because of copyright issues regarding artist’s work was a problem, our solution was to take inspiration from the though process behind how one paints and draws and to convey famous artists thoughts by choosing relevant quotes that captured the spirit of the product. We achieved this by commissioning different illustrators to recreate these quotes with the relevant use of materials.” (Designed by R Design )

Giant Squid Ink

Interesting and cool typography for Giant Squid Ink by San Francisco designer Robert Medkeff.


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