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A Showcase Of Mesmerizing Photo Manipulations

As more and more people get to grips with Photoshop and equivalent design applications, photo manipulation is evolving as an art form. The art of photo manipulation involves taking real photographic components, splicing them and distorting them to make them unreal. The results can be powerful, baffling and beautiful; we look at 20 superb examples of what can be achieved:

By LSD Photographers

A pretty standard rural scene is subverted with camo print and helicopters.

By Erik Johansson – aka alltelleringet

Challenging ideas of solidity, Johansson makes a road appear to be a pretty malleable thing.

By Christophe Huet

Photo distortion makes you consider for a moment whether this is just an incredible feat of balance.

By Pierre Beteille

Textures, such as that of a bald scalp and that of an egg-shell, suddenly become utterly comparable.

 Adidas: Derrick Rose by Adomas Jazdaukas

Jazdaukas adds dynamism and verve to this sports photograph.

By Gustavo Lacerda

Manipulated images do not have to conform to the laws of space, gravity or reality.

By Marcus Hausser

This looks like a simple game of Subbuteo at first glance, but on closer inspection the players and crowd in the background make this Sky ad far more intelligent.

By d4m

A great deal of manipulation has been used to give this photograph its sketchy, illustrated feel.

 By he1z

A Martini bottle is given a playful and whimsical feel, thanks to pink balloons and birds.

By meishe91

The results of photo manipulation can often be thoroughly unsettling. Here ‘meishe91’ plays with our notions of anatomy to powerful effect.

By Helder Silva

Silva also plays on the sensitivity we have for our own bodies, by turning feet into shoes. Uncomfortable but effective.

By Josh Sommers

This example pays homage to one of Escher’s famous works, which tended to depict impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture and tessellations.

By Hock

This piece offers a vision of the ultimate spaghetti junction. The chaotic visual makes the sat nav device being advertised seem pretty indispensable.

By Creative Tempest

A portrait of a pregnant woman is given a playful twist by the cheeky introduction of the unborn baby; the ultimate peek-a-boo moment.

By woanling

By superimposing faces on a packet of chips ‘Woanling’ creates a really humorous, warm visual that can’t fail to charm your socks off.

By Richardofx

As with the Adidas advert, this portrait has been adorned with colourful embellishments to enhance its sense of kinetic energy and flair.

Hawaiian Tropic illustrated by Ricardo Salamanca

Given the drama of the visuals here, one can’t help but perceive distinctly biblical connotations.

By Gulnur Guvenc

Half-shell, half-man; this work is quietly peaceful as well as grotesque.

By D. Weathersby

This artist works by juxtaposing paintings and photography to create beautiful and often spiritual results.

By damnengine

Original and great use of movement.

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