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30 Gorgeous Examples of Trendsetting Web Designs

Without a doubt, having a website is extremely important nowadays because it acts as a vital tool tool for making your audience aware about you and your business. We can almost say that the concept of website replaced the business card even if both of them are happily living together in the business ecosystem. 

Having a website is not enough; making it great is what will help you strike gold, because without a good design no one will ever notice it. A successful web design is just like creating a package for a supermarket product: you need to find out what sells, what the consumer needs and what is your competition. In the web design industry, innovation means popularity so don’t be afraid to experiment.

In this article I have collected 30 extremely interesting web designs which are so gorgeous that I can say for sure that they will soon start new trends in the industry.


1. web design

Paper & Paint Magazine

2. web design

Andrew McCarthy

3. web design


4. web design

Oakley Airbrake MX

5. web design


6. web design

Kilfish.Com V6

7. web design

Cédric Marteau

8. web design

Bianchi Café & Cycles

9. web design

Etch Apps

10. web design

Louvre / Islamic Arts

11. web design

Panera: Live Consciously

12. web design


13. web design

Minimal Monkey

14. web design

Diesel Black Gold

15. web design

Road Stories By Michelin

16. web design


17. web design

Coffee Surfing illy

18. web design

Black In History

19. web design

Far From the Tree

20. web design

82nd & Fifth

21. web design

Solasié, rugby and travel wear!

22. web design

The Brooklyn Soap Company

23. web design

Michelbergers Fountain of Youth

24. web design


25. web design


26. web design


27. web design

REI 1440 Project

28. web design

El Monstruo

30. web design

The Kitchen Project

29. web design


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