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30 Examples Of Well Chosen Typefaces In Web Design

Choosing the correct typeface can make the difference between a great website and a total fiasco. When you’re looking for a font, you should ask yourself: what’s the message that your site shows, what is the product that it sells, is it for a specific category of visitors or what’s the niche?

For example you shouldn’t use Comic Sans if you are a law firm or you make big weapons for the government. Or actually if you are a lawyer working for a patent troll company, you can use Comic Sans because you have a lot in common with this font. Otherwise, please don’t use it. Anyway, in this article you can see 30 examples of great typefaces in web designs.

War Child

Sparkling Milk


Kidoodle Apps

Susanna Ceccherini

Frontend 2011

Gift Rocket

Bianca Mangels

Daniel Martin

Alessio Atzeni

Full Frontal 2011

Brogdale CIC

Halifax Game Jam!


HTML5 Demo




Fox Johnston

Yess BMX

Robin Parker

Unfinished Business School


Cinnamon Toast

Andrew Zellinger

Bit This!

Custom Plastic Bags

Elless Design


Andrew Lebowitz


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