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3 Very Rare Brochures: Walt Disney World Pre-opening, Broadway Theatre and Ford Mustang

These cool brochures are the perfect example of how publicity was made back in the good old days. The first brochure is pretty rare and represents the pre-opening of Walt Disney World in 1970. The second one is the oldest, made in 1903 and it was about a Broadway Theater. This is by war the most interesting one because in it you can see a lot of advertisement details such as after shaves, mineral water, whiskey or restaurants. I think it is amazing to see what they used to like back then and how the advertising industry evolved in more than a century. The third one was made for Ford Mustang in 1969 and it has a combination of modernism and nature elements in a minimalism look. Nowadays, creating a brochure is a lot more easier than back then; all you need to do is to find an online brochure printing company and that’s it!

Walt Disney World Pre-opening brochure, 1970

Broadway Theatre brochure for “The Merchant of Venice”, 1903

Ford Mustang Brochure, 1969


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