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25 Examples Daring Business Card Designs

I love business cards even if they are old and replaced by electronic contacts. I like them because when somebody gives me his/hers business card, I receive not only a piece of paper with some information on it, but also a small evidence of his/hers identity. In my opinion, the daring the design is, the smarter and creative his owner is. That’s why I wanted to search for some examples of daring designs and put it all together into an article. Below you can see 25 examples of business cards which are incredible and unique.

Erik Brandt Letterpress

Mais Pilates

Haigh & Martino

Cube 3 Club

Junpiter Futbol

Melody Nieves

Studio on Fire

Gunshots by Computer

Jose Rodriguez

Nel I. Arriola

SEO Ninjas

Charleston Naturally

Noel Probert

V Communications

Atomic Vibe

Cedric Vella

Manchester Media


Web Design Harlow

Jake Caputo

Milena Janicijevic


Igor Perkusic  – Hairdresser

SirLei Design

Clifton Alexander & Chase Wilson

By the way, this is the most expensive business card I have ever seen. 6 unique printing processes, laser diecutting, 3 different papers, and a fortune! There are 50 different fortunes randomly sprinkled throughout all of the cards. You never know what you’re going to get. Papers: Plike (black) Plike (white) Classic Crest Print processes: Laser diecutting Steel rule diecutting (3 different diecuts) Thermography Fluorescent Ink Silver Ink Fortune insert.


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