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21 Ways to Screw Up Your Website Design

Developing a professional looking-website is very important if you want to create a great image for your business. But, in case that you wish to build a personal blog or website, getting a professional design is not really necessary. However, even in this situation, you have to make sure that the web design of your virtual pages is able to attract visitors.

This thing is essential because regardless of the theme and scope of your website, it must prove a lot of traffic to rank high in different search engines. Therefore, prior to creating your virtual platform, it is important to know what to do not to screw up your website.

Find Out 21 Ways to Screw Up Your Website Design

Screwing up your website design is very easy. The following lines are going to explain you a few things about this aspect.

1.    Social Bookmarking Buttons

If you do not activate any social bookmarking buttons, the visitors of your website are not able to follow you on Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, and other social websites. This thing indirectly means that you will get fewer visitors than those websites that have social bookmarking buttons active.

2.    Using Favicons

The favicons are actually the logos which confer a distinct look to any website. Without this addition, your website is quite anonymous.

3.    Contact Form

The contact form helps you to create a relationship with your visitors. Without this form, you are not able to get any feedbacks from your readers.

4.    Images

Although the images attract visitors, make sure that they are not slowing your website and implicit, users’ experience.

5.    Sitemap

Without having a sitemap, your visitors cannot actually see the pages of your website. This thing indirectly means that they might miss some of your pages.

6.    Breaking the Text

Without breaking the text into paragraphs, your content might be difficult to read.

7.    White Spaces

You can use the CSS file for line spacing, which gives content a nice look and makes it readable.

8.    Typography

In case that you do not know too many things about typography, you should always go for the CSS options, which can help you to avoid making different mistakes.

9.    Text and Background

These two elements are important if you wish to provide a great user experience. Do not choose any disturbing colors, which can literally chase your readers away.

10.    Text Formatting

If you do not use the CSS text formatting, you might have the surprise to create a website whose pages show format discrepancies.

11.    Grammatical Errors

These types of errors show visitors that you do not really care about your business or personal image. Additionally, they might have some doubts with regard to your intelligence level.

12.    Long Text

People do not really read online; they scan. For this reason, make sure that your content presents essential things which can capture their attention.

13.    Promoting Your Business

If you intend to promote your business, it is important not to over do it. Do not talk too much about “I” or “We.”

14.    Call to Action

Without “call to action,” you cannot guide your visitors to check specific pages of your website.

15.    Optimizing Content

Make sure that you respect the SEO criteria of different search engines in order to rank high on their pages.

16.    Readability

Keep in mind that many people are using netbooks and tablets to check the web. This thing indirectly means that you can attract numerous visitors by making sure that your website is readable on different devices.

17.    Using Jargon

A very important thing is to avoid using different words or formulas, which can be hardly understood by some people. Your information should not discriminate those people who are less familiar with different jargon terms.

18.    Visitors’ Time and Attention

Do not extend the introductory parts too much. You have only a few seconds to grab your visitors’ attention.

19.    Confusing Visitors

Make sure that your materials present a natural flow, without “jumping” between ideas. As well, keep your website as simple as possible.

20.    Using Website Themes

If you are not able to get a modern theme, make sure that you choose a classic one. This thing can help you to create a good-quality website, which does not look outdated.

21.    Research

Completing different researched that relate to your website design represents a very important aspect because this is the only way to find out everything about themes, HTML codes, branding, and many other things.

This collection of 21 points has just explained a few things which can screw up your website. If you do not have enough experience and expertise to create a great website, the best thing that you can do is to rely on the services of a professional web design company.


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