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20 Very Original Examples of Calendar Designs

Today we have state of the art smartphones, super powerful computers and even pseudo-holograms which can show us the time and date with an extreme accuracy, so why do we need a printed calendar? Well, we hang them on the wall mainly for their designs. It’s just like a business card – most of the time it can be replaced with something more useful but not always so beautiful and original. In this article you can see a collection of 20 of very original examples of calendar printing designs.

Calendar Girl

Infographic Calendar 2012

The Eyes of Imagination

Calendar Illusion 2011

Life Calendar: How was your day?

Calendar made of matches

WWB Calendar 2010

Write the Future – Calendar

Calendar 2010

Calendario Azteca

Wooden letterpress calendar

2012 Pop-up Calendar

Heidelberg Calendar 2012

Mash Creative Gold Edition A1 2012

Brooklyn Brewery Calendar Coasters

The Foreign Policy 2009 Calendar

Pantone Calendar

Calendario Sole


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