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20 Top Notch Animated Websites That Know How To Impress The Viewer

There are so many types of websites that the days of plain static HTML are long gone. Nowadays web designers are constantly battle in creativity and innovation in order to deliver the most stunning visual result, so thanks to the evolution of web programming techniques, the latest trends in web design are simply gorgeous. No more boring menus or navigation; today we use parallax and HTML5 animation. Speaking of animation, this type of design is excellent for giving a dynamic feel to the website, making it more interactive and sometimes blending in the consumer’s visual field that he will have the sensation that everything he sees is real. In this article you have a collection of animated websites that are made using the latest techniques in order to deliver the content at its best.

Universeries by OCS

Everdure eChurrasco


Protect The Football

Century of the Child

Adidas Snowboarding

The Exit Zero Project

Neilson Photography

KIKK Festival



Mazda A to BT-50

Issey Miyake Parfums

The Million Mile Test Drive

The Boks quiz

Virtual Water


Uniform 15 years

Domenik. Ideas of table setting.

BeoPlay V1


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