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20 Incredible Black And White Images

Even though a black and white photo doesn’t capture a real life scene because the lack of colors, in most cases it’s more dramatic and can be much better than, say, a HDR image. In this article I have collected 20 impressive black and white photos from National Geographic website. You’ll find a remarkable mix of new and old images which will make you want to see more.

Round Tower, Copenhagen

Photograph by Robert Floerke

The Round Tower is a 17th-century tower built under the authority of Christian IV in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built as an astronomical observatory, and this image shows its well known, 7.5-degree helical corridor, which leads to the top and an expansive view of Copenhagen.

Buffalo, Indonesia

Photograph by Andrew Ang

This buffalo was cooling down in a puddle of muddy water. This image I captured was on one of the Komodo Islands in Indonesia. Only three islands in Komodo have the Komodo dragons. I gave this image the title “Buffalo’s Last Moments” because this buffalo is unfortunately on the menu of the vicious Komodo dragon. I was using the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens. For this image I captured it at f/4 and focused on the eyes.

Chinatown, New York

Photograph by Matthew Goddard-Jones

Reflections on the road after a wet afternoon. Chinatown, New York.

Ganges River

Photograph by April Maciborka

People, dogs, and birds share space along the Ganges River, the largest waterway on the Indian subcontinent.

Giraffe, London Zoo

Photograph by Faisal Almalki

A giraffe casts a shadow against a wall at the London Zoo.

Tokyo Street

Photograph by Chris Jongkind

This is a gentleman rounding a corner in southern Tokyo along the railway.

Children Playing in Rain, Bangladesh

Photograph by Jashim Salam

Children playing in seasonal rains are a great sight of monsoon and six seasons here in Bangladesh. The effect of climate change is making this rare as less or more rain is causing great disturbances around the country. Heavy rain causes floods and landslides, and makes millions homeless and takes the lives of many others. The climate should behave like normal for our future children to play like this in monsoon rains, and people must take responsibility to reduce pollution and save our world.

Lowland Gorillas, Bronx Zoo

Photograph by Richard Conde

This photo of two lowland gorillas was taken at the Bronx Zoo in New York City. This is part of a series of photos I call Bronx Zoo Diaries.

Hidden Face

Photograph by Drussawin Leepaisal

I found this woman waiting for her husband after finishing her work. Her eyes are very interesting for me.

Humpback Whales, Tahiti

Photograph by Jody MacDonald

When you swim with humpback whales it’s not their size that overwhelms you but their beauty. You want to stay in that moment forever. These three humpbacks came over to me to check me out. They put on a beautiful dancing display that makes your heart stop and you wish for the moment to never end. When they were done ten minutes later they took off but left me with amazing memories. Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Lightning Model

Photograph by Westinghouse Electric Corp

Westinghouse engineers use this miniature system for tests. Upper wires detour the three-million-volt harmlessly to the ground. Lower wires, which carry the power load, are thereby protected against lightning, which might shut off the current or damage equipment. Even the cows are man-made.

Crowded Street, Kathmandu

Photograph by Larry Louie

Kathmandu has become such a chaotic place. The streets are crowded and everyone is doing their own thing. This image depicts the activities on the street, which juxtaposes with the stillness of the mother and child on the street.

Gingerbread Fair, Paris

Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams

At the Gingerbread fair, Place de la Nation

Horse Rider With Boleadoras

Photograph by Luis Marden

“When Luis Marden dropped in by air from Säo Paulo, he demanded gauchos…”
—Maynard Owen Williams, Argentina, 1939

From the National Geographic book Odysseys and Photographs.

Divers, Louisiana

Photograph by Edwin L. Wisherd

Swimming and diving are on the curriculum of Newcomb College. The college-for-women branch of Tulane University bears the name of H. Sophie Newcomb, the only daughter of Mrs. Josephine Louise Newcomb, whose gifts to the institution amounted to three million dollars.

Maynard Owen Williams Self-Portrait

Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams

Reflection of photographer Maynard Owen Williams in a storefront window

Bus Terminal, New York

Photograph by Standard Oil (New Jersey) collection, Photographic Archives, University of Louisville

Travelers rest on benches in a Greyhound bus terminal.

Automat, New York City

Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts

Patrons line up “like payday depositors” in a bank, waiting to drop a few nickels in a slot for favorites like baked beans and Salisbury steak, freshly made each day and kept in “post-officelike boxes.” This New York City Automat, described in the March 1942 National Geographic, was part of an East Coast chain that sold 72,000 pieces of pie a day.

Attack Bomber Assembly, California

Photograph by Douglas Aircraft Company

Nose assemblies for Douglas A-20 attack bombers.

Antarctica Lab

Photograph by Herbert Ponting

Dr. Edward Atkinson in his Antarctica lab.


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