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20 Impressive Examples Of Business Card Designs

Even if we are living in modern times, business card printing is here to stay. Not only that they are still used but are also more and more creative. In this article I have collected 20 very impressive business card that are presented in great detail.

Mode Design Business Card

Credits: Hans Bennewitz

Olli Business Card

Credits: Yael Miller

Drop Inn Hostel Flyer and Business Card

Credit: Edwin Tan

Aesthetic Movement Stationery System

Credits: Kathryn Hammill, Diane Shaw, Jesse James, Kostas Anagnopoulos

IamTiago Business Card

Credits: Tiago Sa

V Communications Business Cards

Credits: V Communications

BAKER Business Card

Credits: BAKER

Carabiner Outdoor Connections Business Card

Credits: Staci Paul

Biplane Creative Business Card

Credits: Cameron Nelson

Tactic Business Card

Credits: Tactic Marketing

Typozon Business Card

Credits: Cristian Vargas

Jennifer Daniel Business Cards

Credits: Jennifer Daniel

Brittany Quinlan Business Cards

Credits: Brittany Quinlan

A Hundred Monkeys Business Cards

Credits: Croxton Design

Matt Van Ekeren Business Cards

Credits: Matt Van Ekeren

Jose Luis Ortiz Business Card

Credits: Jose Luis Ortiz

Second World Business Cards

Credits: Ryan Haaland and Zack Teachout

Measure Business Cards

Credits: Chad Johnston and Chris Malven

Casual Creations Identity Materials

Credits: Adelie Design

Gold Lunchbox Business Card

Credits: Karl Hebert


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