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20 Gorgeous Examples Of Websites Based On Color Black

When it comes to web design, the sky is the limit because thanks to all the development tools such as HTML5, CSS3 or jQuery we can create almost anything. So, even if the web developer’s job is a lot more easier today, creating the overall design for a web site is still hard and it will remain like this forever. It is hard because you need to know what your client wants, what the user will expect and what the website will promote. You need to know how to mix colors, how to choose fonts, how to place the images and so on. Different colors works for different projects so it’s very important to choose it right. In this article you can see a showcase of websites that are based on color black.


The Diehl Group Architects

Showtime Sports

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Hybrid4 Graphic Novel

The Test of Ownership


RED Interactive Agency Website

Studio Mds

30 electeurs

ASCII Street View


This Exquisite Forest


Rule of Three

Kirschner Brasil

Jess & Russ

Tobias van Schneider




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