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20 Gorgeous Adobe Photoshop Photo Enhancing Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is by far the most popular choice when it comes to digital image manipulation software. It’s widely used by web and graphic designers to create great websites and photographers use it to retouch or enhance photos. Whatever you need to do or change in a digital image, Photoshop will provide you with the necessary tools. The purpose of a photo is to impress the viewer, to make him see not just an image, but the story behind it. When you feel that your photo doesn’t manage to successfully deliver a message, you might consider enhancing its features a bit. Enhancing a photo means improving it without making major changes such as adding or deleting things, so you won’t feel like cheating on your viewers. Here are some great Photoshop photo enhancing Tutorials that will help you change the look of your photos through various effects.

Add Quick Effects to Your Personal Photos: this is a beginners-intermediate tutorial for anyone who wants to add some quick effects to their personal photos.

photoshop photo enhancement tutorial

Enhancing Photos with High Pass Filter: here is a tutorial that shows you how to enhance your photos with High Pass Filter using the Shadows/Highlight adjustments.

photo enhancement tutorial

Add dynamic lightning to a flat photograph: make a dull and flat photograph more impressive and unique by adding dynamic lighting.


Create a Dragan style portrait effect: Portraits by Andrzej Dragan have a stunning effect due to their high contrast and color style. This tutorial will help you create a similar effect with just a few simple steps.

photo enhancement tutorial

Antique a Photo Using Textures: old photos are and will always be interesting due to their mysterious vibe. You can create an “old photo” in Photoshop by using just a few adjustment layers and a good grunge texture.


Split Toning Black and White Photos: in this tutorial you can learn how to give a photo a split toning effect, which basically means adding a color to the highlights and a different color to tint the shadows.


Create a Wet Plate Photo Effect in Photoshop: in this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a wet plate photography effect that will give your photo a unique touch.


Create a Fantasy Forest Scene with HDR Toning: make a fantasy forest scene by utilizing the HDR toning feature in combination with a few lightning effects.


The Watercolor Painting Effect: this tutorial will show you how to create a watercolor painting effect by applying just a few filters and duplicating some layers. The best photos for this kind of enhancement are the ones where details are not very important, as you will lose many of them by using this effect.

photo enhancement tutorial

Non-Destructive Infrared Glow Effect: this tutorial will help you add an infrared glow effect to an image using Smart Filters and adjustment layers.

photo enhancement tutorial

Create a Pop Art  Photo Effect: this is an easy tutorial for everyone who wants to create an abstract effect and use the final product as a poster or cover.

photo enhancement tutorial

The Folds and Creases Effect: adds folds and creases to a photo to make it look as if it had been folded and unfolded.

photo enhancement tutorial

Retouching a Portrait: this will teach how to make a good photo have a stronger impact.

photo enhancement tutorial

Movie Style Photo Effect: easily create a dramatic movie effect by adding to your photos high contrast and blueish tones.

photo enhancement tutorial

Edgy Style Photo Effect: use this treatment to give a supernatural edgy style to a regular photo.

photo enhancement tutorial

Retro Photo Effect: use this 3-step tutorial to give your photos a cool, retro effect.

photo enhancement tutorial

Quick Instagram Effect: create a quick Instragram effect in Photoshop.

photo enhancement tutorial

“Instagram” Your Images: a few tips on how to achieve the “Nashville” Instagram filter. An easy and eye-catching effect that can be easily obtained in Photoshop.

photo enhancement tutorial

Apply a color effect: this tutorial will show you the basics of applying any color effect on your pictures.

photo enhancement tutorial

Overprocessed Photo Effect: learn how to give your photo an overprocessed look with extreme contrast and sharpening. Basically, go crazy with effects.

photo enhancement tutorial

Conclusion Whether you’re looking for an improvment on your personal photos or for the ones you need in a work project, these Photoshop tutorials will definitely help you enhance your images and make them more appealing.


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