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20 Friendly Banking Websites from Around the World

Imagine if you discovered that half of the potential customers to your company’s website give up when trying to buy a product just because it is too difficult or confusing to use. Alarm bells would and should be ringing in the customer services department, and a team would be dispatched to investigate and rectify the situation immediately. Yet this scale of lost business happens frequently with many online banks due to the poor usability of their websites. Prospective customers registering for online banking bail out before signing up, mostly due to problems navigating the site, completing online forms, security fears, and understanding content and feedback.

Online banking has quickly become an integral part to our banking experience. It is a key service among banks, and something that needs to be user-friendly to tech novices and experts alike. Consumers also need to trust their bank and its website in order to feel comfortable managing transactions with their own money over the Internet. We’ve jotted down 20 friendly banking websites from around the world to show some good examples off.

Banking is an industry facing a lot of changes from multiple directions. Payments are being disrupted by mobile phone apps like Square and contactless technologies such as NFC and RFDA. The banks themselves are under increasing scrutiny from regulatory authorities and the list goes on. These websites go some way to making their customers feel much more at ease.


 The Right Bank


Star Financial

Barclays Personal Banking

Discover Bank



Ally Bank

Integral Bank


NationWide Bank

WellsFargo Bank

Bank Of Scotland

Old National Bank

NatWest Bank






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