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20 Cool Examples of Vintage Designed Flyers

If you have something to sell or to make it known, then you need to promote it. One of the oldest way to make it happen is by flyers. In these days when the internet is the main way of sharing news, giving some pieces of paper may sound like a risky deal. The great thing is that everyone knows how to appreciate a good piece of promotional material. In this article you can see a collection of 20 examples of old flyer printing designs or new ones made with a vintage look.

Rock-a-rebel train

Grooviola Project

Little Mike DJ Vintage

HQ Flyer


Vintage Pop-up store in SoHo

Nico B


Shade Springtime Jamboree




Where old turns new


Vecchia Scuola

Flyer for Mister Whiskers’ Thrilling Comics

Knee Deep

Aleph Cafés

Mont Rouge


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