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15 Superb Examples Of Well Designed Posters

I remember when I was a kid, I had a lot of posters in my room and I really loved them. While an effective poster printing must deliver the message as fast as possible, a perfect poster must keep the viewer in front of it for a long period of time.

If a poster is great, it must give you stirs your imagination and make you want to find out more about it. In this article I have collected 15 well designed poster that I like very much.

Patton Oswalt Poster

Credits: Keegan Onefoot

The Ark’s “Ann Arbor Folk Festival” Poster

Credits: Jocelyn Edin

“Ode to Carl” Chicago Poster Series

Credits: Bud Rodecker

AIGA 2011 Cause/Affect Poster

Credits: Kristen Bouvier, Arvi Raquel-Santos

Let’s Swap Poster

Credits: Creative Direction: Deroy Peraza, Julia Vakser Zeltser, Jason Lynch

HyperQuake 10th Anniversary Letterpress Poster

Credits: HyperQuake

“All the World’s a Page” Poster

Credits: Blotto Design

“The Hidden Message of Jingle Bells” Poster

Credits: Paragon

Good Morning/Good Night Poster

Credits: Divisionof

Art Crank Poster

Credits: Ven Gist

HyperQuake Poster and Papercraft

Credits: HyperQuake

Indianapolis Museum of Art Title Graphic and Poster

Credits: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Ligature, Loop & Stem Poster

Credits: Scott Boms, Grant Hutchinson and Luke Dorny

Mr. & Mrs. Skirtburger Posters

Credits: Derek Gabryszak and Claire Louise Priestley

Stern Grove Festival Poster

Credits: MINE


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