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15 Superb Examples Of Package Design

When I go shopping, first I always look at the package and then at the content. If I don’t like the “look and feel”, then I wont buy the product, even if maybe it’s very good.  Even though the package is just a marketing strategy, I believe that if you don’t care how you product looks, then you don’t care if your product is good or bad.  As they say: sell the package, not the product. In this article I have collected 15 superb examples of package design made by various companies or students.

Student Work – Dawn Steinbock

Designed by Dawn Steinbock

“Milk Paint is a dry paint that comes in a powder form. It’s history comes from the type of paint that was used on farms and old antique furniture. The paint has an antiqued-finished quality that I expressed through using old wood type style typefaces, and kept it mainly typographic to let the attention flow from the brilliant color and to the labels.”

O Monstro da Torta

Designed by Fernando Fernandes & Silmo Bonomi

O Monstro da Torta means The Pie Monster in English and it is a new fashion brand of baby clothes in São Paulo, Brazil. The challenge was to create a stylish package to be different in this market. The brand’s concept is about a Monster, who came from a place called Monstozelândia, very close to New Zealand, and he found in Brazil happiness and some good mates. He also LOVES meat pies and does everything to eat them. He is lovely, friendly, blue and huge. He likes kids but he never appears in the story, just small parts of his body. After a lot of effort to make our idea viable in terms of costs and production we came up with the idea to use pie packages (very popular in Brazil) and bring to them a refined look. They are printed in 5 colors (one being metallic), plus varnish and lamination BOPP. This brand has a very clear mindset. They want to become a kind of fairytale and once that happens, they will launch new products expanding their business to different segments such as; books, food, toys, etc.”

Grain Creative Tea

Designed by Grain Creative

“As part of Grain Creative’s 2011 new business plan we brainstormed what type of gift we could send out to potential new business clients. We understand how busy a working day can be so our objective was to find a way to introduce ourselves to these potential clients in less than five minutes. Using a selection of tea from T2 we created four individual tea boxes and personified them to reflect the names of the following popular flavours of tea: Gorgeous Geisha, English Breakfast, Chai and French Earl Grey. Each box holds a few tea bags and a small scroll showing images of recently completed work with an invitation to ‘sit down for 5 minutes with a cup of tea and learn more about us’.”

Student Work – Spencer Bigum

Designed by Spencer Bigum

“The design of the package was created to be simple, bold, and iconic. To make buying a battery, like buying a toy! The traditional package of the battery was reversed to first optimize the amount of space to design on and second, the removal of all plastic needed to be used on the package. A die-cut is made to show the “copper top” and the size of the battery for a visual reference as to what type – AA, AAA, D etc… in addition to the call out on the front of the package. Simple clean typography supports the idea of simple but bold and a new symbol for rechargeable was created to help promote and sell this smarter type of battery.”

Student Work – Hanne Arsnes & Solveig Nordal

Designed by Hanne Arsnes & Solveig Nordal

“Queensland Suncare is a fictitious Australian product for the Norwegian market. We created a series of suncare products which focus on natural ingredients and recycled materials.”

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Designed by Interabang

“Jimmy’s mission is to bring proper off-the-shelf iced coffee to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond. Launched in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols then rolled out across the UK’s supermarkets, shops and festivals.”

The Fineprint Chicago

Designed by Laurent Varlet

“The Fineprint Chicago wanted some innovative t-shirt packaging to display in retail locations and possibly use for shipping. Since the company designs mainly Chicago-inspired graphics, I decided to make a Chicago-style pizza box packaging. Since we could screen print on the flat box and then fold, it greatly reduced production costs without limiting the design. The piece can also be sent through the mail. Screen printing on corrugated cardboard is tough! Problems arise registering your colors with such a thick item to print on. Also, due to the nature of the cardboard, there are random creases in the product that can lead to inconsistent prints.”



Designed by Lëkki

“Lëkki is a French company aiming to buck the trend of ever-improving mobile phones, by revamping the most iconic vintage handsets from the 90′s. The company started in fall 2010 with the classic Motorola StarTAC flip phones first popularized by famous 90′s actors such as Michael Douglas (The Game) and re-clad it with colourful glossy colors. By customizing those second-hand mobile phones, Lëkki promotes a “back to basics” philosophy (phone+text) and makes a commitment to sustainable development and recycling, through putting iconic objects from the past back into service.”

Student Work – Tobias Eriksson

Designed by Tobias Eriksson

“The assignment was to create a First Aid kit for general purposes. The design is made with simplicity in mind, but also seen from an ecological point of view since it’s all made out of paper. When someone gets hurt, it should be easy to find what you need to help them. With this First Aid kit, there’s only one way to open it, and everything is structured so that it’s easy to see what you need based on the pictograms and the information printed on the lid. Also, the sleeves are not detachable from the box itself, so all you need to do is pull until you can’t pull any further.”

Student Work – Kirill Ermoshin

Designed by Kirill Ermoshin

“Expedition is a shop in Russia which sells different goods for city dwellers which like to spend their free time in the country side. Picnics, and short  journeys are their specialities. What distinguishes them from other shops is that they are more about creating a story than just selling goods. They are full of the spirit of adventure and discovery with a sense of humor.  The shopping bags are made like a rucksack to emphasize company’s character.”

Student Work – Melissa Ginsiorsky

Designed by Melissa Ginsiorsky

“Fancy Fins is a line of quirky decorative craft scissors that is guaranteed to make a splash with artistic youngsters. The packaging itself acts as a safe and reusable carrying case with an easy lock system, and reveals the cut pattern of each pair of scissors through patterning and use of a die cut.”

Student Work – Chad Kirsebom

Designed by Chad Kirsebom

“The goal of this project was to create a package set for a health and beauty product. Instead of doing something that is seen everyday, I branched out. I chose to do an old fashion shaving kit. One that would include a straight blade razor, leather sharpening strop, silver tip badger hair shaving brush, a shaving cream soap bar, and a mug. The brand I created is called KEEN. The word ‘keen’, is also known as sharp and or razor edge. I felt like the name fit perfectly for this brand. I wanted KEEN to be seen as more of a modern company but with historic roots. Old fashion style with strong typographical design elements. I wanted their image to come of as clean and crisp as there product would leave your face.”

Student Work – Eva Valicsek

Designed by Eva Valicsek

This interesting egg carton concept is made by Eva Valicsek, a student from Institute of Applied Arts, Sopron.


Student Work – Oliver Lan

Designed by Oliver Lan

“Broken Bottle asked us to develop a brand that packages their beer with a lot of bite. We centered the brand around their name and as ‘a strong hitting beer.’ The brand harkens to a time where beer is centered around craftsmanship. However, the packaging reflects the broken name and the beer’s hard-hitting flavor. The various elements of the package are cut into different sections and applied over stripped and worn cardboard. The typography is a mess. The bottles are bandaged. The handle is taped together. It’s a broken beer with broken packaging.”

Student Work – Cj Brown

Designed by Cj Brown

“This latest project is a book generated with all my own photography about BEEF. The book explores areas from how the importation of Beef was effected during WW2 all the way through to where traces of Beef are found within By-Products. I particularly chose to send you this because of the front cover of the book. It’s bound & branded using cattle hide, which gives a fantastic effect for the book.”



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