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13 Impressive Images From India

I love Indian culture, food and also for the hospitality. Even though it’s not the perfect place to live your life or raise your kid, it’s an amazing place because in all that chaos you can find peace.  Below you can see some superb photos made by a very talented photograph, Bernard Henin on one of his journey.

A few words about him:

As a photographer specialized in humanitarian work Bernard Henin thrives in capturing the human element in all its variations from victims of sexual slavery in India to returnees in South Sudan. While traveling on assignments he also takes personal pictures of places and people that he sees. What is most important for Bernard is the sincerity in the expression of the subject he is capturing and for this to happen, Bernard generally takes time to build up a relationship with the people he meets. Also he is currently working on a long term personal project depicting sexual slavery around the world as he believes this is a growing problem in the 21st century that needs more exposure. Born in Belgium and having lived in various countries such as the US and Hong Kong, Bernard currently lives in England.

New Delhi


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