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10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017

Web design is certainly not static – it keeps improving and evolving. It’s important to stay on top of these trends whether you are a website owner or a web designer.

Visitors are always looking for the freshest designs and funkiest themes. If your website can’t deliver these qualities, visitors might well find themselves elsewhere. As a business, you can’t have that.

Web design trends are also crucial for web designers. It’s not possible to attract customers if you can’t provide them with the latest trends – no one wants an outdated look on their site.

So, what are the web design trends you should be aware of in 2017? Here are ten of the hottest styles in the world of web design.

1. Continuously running videos

Long gone are the days where websites were just about text and a few images. The hot trend of the day is to include cinemagraphs on the site. These are either high-quality videos or GIFs, which run in a continuous loop.

The trend is great for visually focused websites. Because of the video constantly moving around, the focus should be on ensuring there aren’t many other elements on the specific site. You don’t want the visitor’s focus to be constantly drawn away from the other messages on the page.

2. Vivid color worlds

Color has definitely arrived in web designs after being hidden under the hundreds of black and white pages. Now, the websites are about celebrating vivid colors, especially in a style that layers one color on top of another.

The bright color world adds a lot of depth to a site and actually works well in simple layouts. Aside from vivid layering of color, web design in 2017 is also featuring a lot of bright gradients. Kaleidoscopic gradients have been making a comeback and are definitely something to consider for a refreshed website.

3. Simple texts with bold typography

Web design is not afraid to show it off anymore. Increasing number of websites – personal and professional – are opting for bold typography on the homepage. The style suits minimal websites and is perfect for creating an immediate impact with the message of the site.

In addition, the designs are showcasing plenty of straightforward and minimalistic texts. Some sites go as far as clearing all images and navigation sections altogether and purely focusing on a few lines to inform the visitor about the website.

4. Explaining things through illustrations

One of the most interesting shifts is the move from pure images to illustrations. Businesses are especially clever these days at using illustrations to make a point – whether to showcase their products in detail or just adding a playful element to the website. These personal illustrations are bound to add a lot of personality to any site.

5. Using two-tone color schemes

In terms of the color, there is another important trend in 2017: duo-tone. This means using two color schemes often in rather contrasting and shocking ways. For example, a popular and contemporary design option is to combine blue with white.

6. Mixing horizontal and vertical text

If you are looking for something trendy but perhaps not as drastic as the other styles on this list, the use of horizontal and vertical text might be your thing. You can do this on the homepage, for example, and it combines well with the bold typography. The whole idea is to mix words with some of them being horizontal and some vertical.

7. Taking advantage of modular design

Modular designs became popular in 2016 but they will continue to dominate even in 2017. A modular design means the site is built by using separate blocks each with their own message and function. If you want to make it responsive, you can cause each module to kickstart a specific event across the page. For example, check out this website for an idea of this design.

8. Overlapping images with the text

You can also play with your web design by combining text and images in different ways. Instead of just adding text on top of a website, you can overlap the text only slightly on top of the image.

9. Opting for geometric shapes

Clear and clean lines continue to dominate the web design world this year. Geometric shapes and patterns are, however, used in rather whimsical and daring manner. One simple way of utilizing this trend is by creating bold typography and adding a geographical image inside the letters.

10. Going experimental with compositions

As mentioned, web design is constantly improving and 2017 will witness plenty of experimental designs. At the top of the list is experimental composition. Websites will have texts in usual places, with images overlapping, representing different styles and so on. It’s all rather fun and playful this year.

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Overall, if you want your web design to be top-notch this year, keep these 10 trends in mind when planning for your next site.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.