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Zedity – Create Amazing WordPress Content

WordPress is part of our everyday life and the good news is that we always discover a great plugin that is making our work even easier and better. Lately, we spotted a plugin with a very good rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars, 8000+ current active users (of the free version, excluding the ones using the Premium version), 360,000+ downloads and counting.This WordPress plugin is called Zedity and we played a lot with it.

What is Zedity about?

Zedity is one of the most appreciated and innovative WordPress plugin editors to create multimedia content for blogs or sites. Posts and pages can be created easily and quickly, with unlimited design possibilities, 100% visually.
With Zedity, technical skills are not required and you do not need to get your hands into the code: you just drag and drop the content boxes according to your design, style them with few clicks, save and voila! Zedity generates pure HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code, no dependency on third party plugins.

Here is a short video about what Zedity plugin can do:


Here are some of the features we’d like to highlight

– Modern Ribbon interface. Zedity has a modern, sleek and easy to use interface: it will boost your productivity and keep you focused on your content.

– Facebook and Instagram videos. You can embed more than 20 audio and video services.

– Draw box. Highlight important parts or enrich your pages with lines, arrows, and shapes. Free hand drawing, to sign your articles with your real signature, etc. Express your creativity, just doodle around or even paint your masterpieces

– Support for touch screen devices. On the go? No problem, Zedity supports touch screen devices. Just load it up on your tablet or smartphone and catch your inspiration!

– Multiple Layout Responsive Design. Introducing MLRD, Multiple Layout Responsive Design, an advanced responsive design approach to give different layouts to your content! With Zedity MLRD you create your content for very small page width (e.g. smartphones) and, afterward, rearrange the position and size of the boxes for bigger layouts. Whenever needed, you can also use different images in different layouts! Easy and powerful, MLRD takes responsiveness to the next level!

– Content duplication. Once you created a Zedity content, you may need to use it again in other posts or pages. The content duplication feature enables you to achieve that very easily in few clicks!

– Web and Custom Fonts. Give your content a distinctive style with 100+ Google Web Fonts available! Furthermore, you can even use your own custom fonts.

– … with even many others available, to address basically every need.

The complete list of features is available here. Based on our experience, we can surely say that Zedity is a complete and professional solution.

Support and Assistance

We haven’t experienced their customer service (everything went smooth so far), but, based on their page on WordPress, they seem to respond promptly and properly to address questions from their users and the community.

On their website, you have plenty of tips and tutorials that will help you maximize the results when using Zedity.

The feeling about the Zedity team is positive as well, which is important, should you find yourself in the need for help.

Plans & pricing

Zedity plugin for WordPress is available both as a Free version (available here) and as a Premium version.

It’s worth noting that all the Premiums plans come with a lifetime license, i.e. you pay only once and you’re granted the rights to use it forever, according to their terms, and 1 year of free updates!

Here is a summary of the Premium version plans:


You use Zedity Premium on your own sites or blogs for personal, educational or any other non-commercial purpose.

Price from $39



You use Zedity Premium on sites that belong either to you or to the organization you belong to, for commercial purposes.

Price from $79



You use Zedity Premium, usually on your environment, to add content and develop sites or blogs for your customers.
Price from $129.



You enable users, usually your customers, to use Zedity Premium on a network environment or platform.
Price from $249.


Check their website and start using this useful WordPress plugin.


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