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Your Selfie Game with Photo Booth Rental

Whether you’re hosting a graduation celebration or finally saying “I Do” at the altar, having pictures of that event is your way of keeping the excitement forever. But usually, either an expensive photographer is hired through the afterparty hours, or you’re relying on friends and family members to send you pictures from their phone. Instead of working through those hassles, there is a third option – rent a photo booth.

Photo booth rentals have upgraded from the cramped space behind a curtain. “Selfie booths” are portable boxes that fit into almost any event where you and your guests can get professional photos of everyone’s excited and quirky sides. You have the option to send your photos via email, social media, or text message while the booth prints out your classic photo strips. When it comes to having those cherished keepsakes, there are a few simple and easy steps to make your event special.

Pick Your Photo Booth Rental NYC

You’ll need to decide on a package that best fits your event’s theme. These days, selfie booth companies have a range of customizations you can choose from, so don’t be afraid to rent photo booth accessories:

– Photos vs. Gifs
– 2×6 or 4×6 Prints
– Adding your logo and branding
– Props and Backdrops.

If you’re not sure what to decide on, it’s almost always a good idea to check out the reviews. While many places have the polished five-star write-ups front and center, it doesn’t take a lot of digging to look for the real thoughts – and occasionally, real photos – from past events a rental company has done. If they’re a reliable source, take some inspiration from the company’s customers!

Once you’ve picked out everything you’ll need for your selfie photo booth, you can schedule a consultation for a quote. Have your event information on hand – the company will need to know the type of event, event size, and times for the rental.

Prepare For Your Event

Once you’ve discussed your scheduling and event needs, have your quote in hand, and confirmed a payment method, you’re in the clear! Prepare for your event like normal, making sure to leave a designated space for the booth per the company’s instructions. If you’re coordinating with an event planner or location, keep them included in the process, so there’s less confusion. And, of course, don’t forget to tell your guests so they can arrive camera-ready!

Make Memories!

The day has come, and your photo booth rental is set up. Now all that’s left is to take some test shots and let the show start. Remind your guests and have fun taking goofy pictures, trading photo slips and sharing links to your collection. Be sure to have a place where friends and family members can leave a slip behind for you to add into a scrapbook, corkboard, or picture frames. The next time you’re looking to carry away a few keepsakes from your special event, get a quote to rent a photo booth in your area.


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