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Why You Need To Focus On How Your Visitors Are Reading Your App or Website’s Content?

spelling is hard

Reading poorly written text, or text that is not displayed in pleasing format, can prove to be quite a hassle for the average reader. Reading such text can produce a decrease in the speed at which the text is read and can also affect the reader’s ability to comprehend the material they are reading.For less than average readers, the process of reading all together can be rendered ineffective. Having a good crafted text it’s important for every type of project or business such as web design, application development or or tools converting business phone number.

Software usually causes the problems mentioned previously by using a technical vocabulary that confuses people who are not computer experts. One example of such technical jargon occurs when the computer’s user has let an internet application sit idle for an extended period of time. When the user returns to the application, they then see this message displayed on the screen: “Your session has expired, please reauthenticate“.

For example, the application was being used within a company for finding various resources including equipment, rooms, etc. Employees at all levels of the company including the receptionists, accountants, management, and engineers also used the application. The problem with having that message display is that nontechnical users would begin to concentrate more on what the meaning of the term “reauthenticate” is, rather than reading the text effortlessly. A different phrase that could be used to convey the same message is “Login again”.

The use of an unfamiliar vocabulary is not limited to a computer’s technical vocabulary however. Many legal documents, such as contracts or privacy statements use English words, which are not commonly used. For example,

– aforementioned: when a person or thing has been previously mentioned;

Bailiwick: the area where a sheriff has authority;

Disclaim: deny any association with;

Heretofore: time leading up to the present;

Jurisprudence: the principles and theories on which a legal system is based;

Obfuscate: make something difficult to perceive or understand;

Penultimate: next to the last, as in “the next to the last scene of a movie”.

Use of these words can make even a reader who is normally skilled, switch from automatically reading text to having to manually think about what a particular word means. The manual thought process can include trying to sound the word out, trying to think of any times the reader may have heard the word before and in what context, and looking the word up in a dictionary to find its definition.


Unfamiliar vocabulary isn’t the only thing that can cause a disruption in a person’s process of automatically reading text. Using abstract fonts or having the letters scattered around in a random format can also make text difficult to read for skilled, average, and below average readers.

Another problem that makes the experience of reading difficult is extremely small text, which takes away from the automatic process of reading, because the person will have to think and try to determine what it is that they are looking at. Small text is often seen in software applications, on websites, and on the labels of electronic appliances. A lot of times tiny fonts are used to fit a large amount of text into a smaller space. However, if the person is taken out of the experience of automatically reading the text, then the text really doesn’t serve the intended purpose anyway.

The movement of a person’s eyes is one of things that naturally occur. Many people’s eyes are trained to automatically position themselves down to the next line and back in the same column. When text centered or aligned to the right side of the page, the eyes will have to temporarily strain itself to start in a new position upon the completion of a particular line of text. This can make reading difficult, because until the eyes becomes used to its new starting point in the center or right hand side of the page with each new line of text, the eyes will start in their familiar position on the left side of the page.

hard words

One thing that designer will want to do is make it easier for a person’s automatic reading function to operate without any disruptions occurring. A designer should keep in mind that most skilled reading occurs due to the features of the text, the fonts used in the text and recognizing the vocabulary being used in the text. Less skilled reading relies mainly on the context of how the words are being used.

To ensure maximum readability, make sure the text does not use abstract fonts that are hard to determine. Fonts that are extremely small should be avoided as well. It is also best to present the text on a background where the text really stands out, so avoid using patterns or coloring the background too similar to the text’s color. Do not use an obscure vocabulary. Instead, try to use words that the every person uses.

Format your text so that when a person reads, they follow a pattern of reading from left to right and from the top of the page towards the bottom. Avoid centering or right aligning the text so the eyes of the reader will not have to retrain themselves while reading.

One final thing to remember is that testing your design on actual people before publication is key. Submit your text to a group of people and ask for feedback. Since you know what the text supposed to say, you do not see anything wrong with it, but letting someone read your text without telling them what it is supposed to be about beforehand will provide a designer with the best insight of what they are doing right or wrong.


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