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Why Web Templates Work

No modern company can compete without a website. As consumers increasingly rely on the internet to source products and services, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of having a website which really works. Increased exposure for a brand, appealing to potential customers and securing new business are just a few of the benefits that a new website can offer, but what if a company want to get online but simply don’t have the funds to invest in a bespoke website? This is where web templates can help.
Despite a few common misconceptions about web templates, template sites remain a popular and effective way for companies to get their business online. Forget the hype about web templates being boring or bad for business – read on to learn why web templates really work for customers and designers alike.

A Money-Saving Solution

For companies working to a strict budget, the expense of a bespoke website can often be too much. Getting a business online is a brilliant way to access a whole world of new money-making opportunities, and if a company cannot afford a website, then they could miss out.  Web templates offer an affordable alternative to bespoke sites, and are the best way for businesses to build an online presence without spending a fortune.
A company could also use a template site as a temporary way to get online whilst they save for a new, fully-bespoke site – savings which will be given a boost by the extra business generated by a template website.

Simple to Use

One of the most common misconceptions about web templates is that the difficulty of learning how to code your site will leave you with a website which doesn’t work. This simply isn’t the case. Many templates come complete with handy guides and expert instructions to help you to learn the basics.

From importing an image to adding text to your site, it can be easy to edit your template once you have picked up a few simple skills – and, if in doubt, a quick Google search will offer plenty of tips and tricks to help you to create your ideal website. As well as that, there are some web template companies out there that offer development support for their templates.

A Compatible Choice

Template sites might not be compatible with all web browsers, but most providers of web templates will make it clear which browsers will support the site. This will often be combined with additional information to advise the purchaser of all of the specifications of the template, which will enable buyers to find the perfect template for their requirements.

Getting Social

Web templates have moved with the times, and many of them now feature great social media links which can help buyers to embrace this modern marketing method. Social media can not only raise the profile of a company and build up a brand, but could also give SEO a boost if the site will be optimized for the search engines.

The Deal Breaker: What Do Web Designers Think?

Ask a group of web designers for their opinion on web templates, and you are sure to get a few mixed reviews. For most design professionals, though, templates can be a very useful tool. As template sites become more popular, design standards are continually improving – giving any web designer a great source of inspiration, and motivating them to match this quality in their own work.
The fresh and creative designs of the best web templates can help a web designer who is stuck for ideas to gain some much needed inspiration in every aspect of a design, from the interface to the typography. Designers can even edit a template theme to create their own unique design, which demonstrates just how versatile web templates can be.
With more and more people realizing the benefits of web templates, it will be interesting to see how this emerging area of web design develops in the future. Whether you are a web designer looking for inspiration, or your SME is in need of an affordable website, web templates could provide the solution that you have been looking for.


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