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Why Not Treat Yourself to a Cup of Coffee? Check Out These 50 Gorgeous Photos

They say life’s too short for bad coffee – probably a half of Americans will agree with this statement. As I know there are nearly 311,5 million of people in U.S. Over 150 millions of them drink coffee every day (I stole this fact from here). This means that every second American is a potential coffee fan. Sorry other countries, I didn’t find world’s stats about coffee consumption. But if somebody has such a data I’d be thankful for sharing it.

Several days ago my friend shared with me a pic which made me smile and think of my colleges. Here it is.

Luckily or not, but I’m not one of those geeky coffee drinkers who can’t live a day without this magical beverage. But not so long ago a big shining coffee machine appeared in our office and all the people around me run mad. Every morning I see a group of people waiting in a queue to make some coffee. The situation repeats regularly and I start thinking that there is something wrong with me because I’m not a coffee addict. And you know what? I started testing different sorts of coffee. I can’t say that I’ve become dependent on coffee, but sometimes fantastic aroma makes me strive for a cup of hot drink. Is there anybody who likes coffee smell instead of its taste?

So I surfed the web trying to find some beautiful photos of coffee. Millions of people all over the world drink it to feel inspired and I want to get a piece of this pleasure too. Thus an idea to create a showcase of creative artistic photos of coffee was born. I guess it will be interesting for both those who like coffee and those who are indifferent to it.

But beforehand you should better take a cup of flavored coffee, because photos are really mouthwatering. It seems that photographers have an eye for coffee beans, beverages and aromas, because all photos are taken on a high professional level.

Ok, it seems that now it’s time for me to stop talking and to let you enjoy coffee photography. Cheers!

And now that’s it! So what do you think about these photos of coffee? I guess that it might be a great pleasure and at the same time a great temptation for photographers to have such a fine model as coffee is. The play of light and shades is so charming and it seems that magnificent aroma spreads all around. Now it’s time for me to go to our coffee machine and join the group of coffee addicts. I can’t write a word anymore without a cup of hot vogue latte. I’m hypnotized with these photos! See you later, it’s coffee time!

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