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Why & How Photo Booths Became a Thriving Business

Have you been to a celebratory occasion that featured a photo booth? Chances are, most of us have. What was seemingly a more basic way to take headshots for official documents has become a thriving success over the years. How do you start photo booth business? That’s what we are going to figure out today.

Why Photo Booths are so Popular

Before you head out there and buy photo booth or include one at your next big event, it’s worth it to know why they have gained so much popularity over the years. If you have seen the photos these booths provide, they often invoke your inner playfulness with props available and funny poses from the guests as they create memories.

Having a photo booth at your next event will act as an effective ice-breaker for guests. Having fun posing for photos does not have an age limit. From someone’s 70-year old grandfather to the 5-year old toddler, everyone can share in the fun!

The end result of photo booths is unique pictures you and your guests can keep for a lifetime.

How Photo Booths have Become Successful

How did something that has been around for centuries evolve into a thriving business? Taking photos at a memorable event is nothing new, but getting to print out the photos in excellent quality in high amounts is.

Polaroid cameras can also print out photos in real-time, but the film is very expensive, and you’re limited to a small number. Knowing this, individuals and companies alike capitalized on the opportunity to deliver different booths with various themes and props to celebrations.

The estimated value of the photo booth rental industry is around 100 million and climbing. Through the different packages offered by companies and the benefits the booths provided, this photo experience tool quickly became a success.

Opening a Photo Booth Business

There are several ways you can dip your toe in the industry. You can start photo booth business by buying a booth. Keep in mind that starting a photobooth business requires some capital as these machines don’t come cheap. There are companies and manufacturers online that offer a regular photo booth for sale, or even a mirror booth for sale, which allows for customization, signatures, and even animated GIFs on the photo.

We would suggest investing in more than one kind of photo booth for multiple revenue streams to gain success. With the popularity of photo booths stably on the rise, many people are looking to add a few booths to the venue of their next event.


Opening your own photo booth business is a smart way to gain some extra income. These picture-taking devices have been around for centuries and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Attendees at events love to have a keepsake to take home to remind them of the good time they had. Why not try your hand at providing them with an opportunity to record priceless memories and add to your income portfolio at the same time?


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