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What’s With The Brand Name?

We often hear this, the name of a person or a product often influence his/ her/ its feature. There are many different theories to why people need to have names. Right now, because we are in cyber-age we also need to ask how important names for our websites, merchandise, and other internet-related services.

The concept of name

Names are important because of the fact that these are extensions of your business. More often that not, tour name is more known than your actual service. The public creates a perception or an image of your company based on your brand name.

What should you consider when thinking/ conceptualizing a name for your website, blog, company, or online products?

There are two main approaches here – either go manual or use online tools that generate the best and most catchy brand names.

Generating names using free online tools

There are many free options, and there are a lot of lists available online. Here are some of these sites that offer free business name generation.
According to, these are the tools that can be used to generate some original business names. These include:

– BizNameWiz

– Name Thingy


– Brand Name Generator

– Rhymer

– Wordlab Business Name Generator

The manual way

Of course, it’s still different if you are the one who created your company’s name. For sure, there is a greater sense of ownership as compared to just using any of those tools mentioned above.
According to an article in entitled, 9 Best Ideas for Creating Catchy Business Names, having the right business name is the best starting point. Of course, it should be clear in the sense that it’s simple, descriptive, and explanatory.

At the same time it should be suggestive and hinting or arbitrary and random. Currently, creating and making up new names is becoming a hit – Google for example. Mindmapping all the concepts that should be incorporated or injected in your brandname is also helpful. Some online tools can be used here to know what’s trending. If all else fails, there is crowdsourcing – the more ideas, the better.

The name should also be catchy

Suppose you already generated a name for your business, the next thing that you need to do is to actually check whether this has a duplicate or not. You can try searching for the name that you generated.

The brand name and social media

Currently, advertising in social media sites are becoming more of a norm. Some brand names became famous or even viral because of their campaigns here. So for some SEO companies, they can really maximize this brand awareness channel in order to generate more exposure, which will be converted to more customers and increase in sales.

Names are really that important because it can decide whether your business will flourish or not. It’s really true that brand name creates image.  That’s why this really deserves a lot in terms of effort, brainstorming, and resources. Your brand name is as good as the image that you are projecting, and the products or services that you are offering. That’s why it is so crucial in starting a business. Again, if all else fails, learn from the big brands. Although they have different and unique stories to tell, yet you can still get some hints on how to go about with creating a brand name that will reach the most parts of the globe.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business or just selling some stuff online, make sure that you have a brandname that will surely stand out. Ric, of, a web development outsourcing company, provides some basic info on how to generate brandnames.


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