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What You Should Know about SD Card Recovery Software

If you carelessly formatted a SD card or do other unintentional mistakes, you will lose all important pictures and other data. Fortunately, it is possible to recover deleted files from recently formatted or corrupted SD cards. Stored data shouldn’t be lost completely if you choose the right techniques and recovery software. If you are looking for a reliable SD card recovery software, here are features to look for:


High success rate

Your ultimate goal should be to completely recover all files from the damaged SD card. In business situations, a complete recovery is crucial to avoid wasting time, money and effort. You must have the opportunity to copy all files from the SD card to another storage media. Some recovery tools may completely fail in accessing the SD card and no file will be recovered.


Easy to use

The SD card recovery software should have simple and easy interface, so it is easy for everyone to start the recovery process. It should be highly intuitive for people, so they can do it immediately. A basic recovery process should be consisted of three steps. – choose the SD card drive, recover the content and copy the files to another storage.


Support all partitions and file types

The SD card recovery software should have the ability to recover any partition and file type. Common partition like FAT, NTFS, exFAT, NTFS5, ReFS, HFS+ and ext2/ext3 should be supported by the data recovery software. All file types, including documents, pictures, videos, spreadsheets and other should be supported as well. A good recovery tool just recovers the file, regardless of its type.


Support multiple platforms

When recovering a SD card, it should be possible to use your laptop and PC. The recovery software may have versions for Windows, macOS and Linux to allow most computer users regain lost files. It is also possible to recover microSD card through an Android smartphone or tablet. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you need a dedicated card reader.


Quick and deep scans

For less serious issues, like accidental deletion of files, it should be possible to get your lost files back with Quick Scan. In normal deletion process, the system only alters the name of the files, so it’s straightforward for the software to recover them. However, you will need Deep Scan to look for files that have lost their paths and file names. As long as the deleted and lost files are not yet overwritten by newer ones, you should be able to recover them. To make the scanning process quicker, you can specify what folder and file type to scan.


Hexadecimal editor

This feature is only for advanced users who want to view the hexadecimal values of a file. In some cases, the recovered files are corrupted, because they have been partially overwritten by newer files. With hexadecimal editor, it is possible to read a part of the recovered file content. Important details can be extracted from the corrupted files. In a business situation, the ability to salvage critical data is very important.


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