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What Things You Should Consider Before Buying a WordPress Theme?

If you want to start your own website, the best way to go is WordPress. This platform offers a lot of functionality and easy-to-use interface that newbie-friendly.

WordPress is used by many of the most popular brands like Nike, BBC, Sony Music, Microsoft News, and many more. With WordPress you will be able to start your online business in a day.


When it comes to starting your website, one of the most important things is your theme. Apart from the visual looks of the theme, there are a couple of other important factors to consider.

Let’s go through the list and find out the things you should consider before you purchase your new theme.

  1. Go for Simplicity

You should always choose a theme that has a minimalistic design. The simpler the theme, the better-looking website you’ll have.

Overly complex themes are hard to understand, and some users might abandon your website due to a lot of information served at once. Additionally, all the widgets, sliders, and images will slow down the performance of your website, causing slow load speeds.

Your job is to choose a theme that operates faster than a horse racing in the Breeders’ Cup odds. That way, you won’t lose traffic and will establish better SEO.

Simple themes look much more elegant and eye-pleasing than themes with a lot of moving parts. Simple themes also are lightweight, which improves your website load speed.

  1. Responsiveness

Nowadays, people are using all kinds of designs, and your job is to choose a responsive theme that can easily fit any screen. Responsive design is also valued by search engines, and it will improve your organic traffic coming from search results.

The responsiveness is the most crucial part of a theme. You need to make sure that every button or image remains its functionality and appearance on different devices. Most of your traffic will come from mobile, so make sure that users have the optimal visual appearance.

  1. Supported Plugins

WordPress is nothing without the plugins. Plugins are used for various functionalities on this platform. Fortunately, most of the WordPress themes support all plugins, but you might run into a theme that doesn’t support your favorite plugin that is required to make your website function.

Make sure you double-check the supported plugins before you purchase a theme.

  1. SEO Friendliness

If you haven’t noticed, search engine optimization (SEO) is kind of big deal when you are running a website. SEO is basically a techniques and elements that are valued by big search engines like Google. For instance, Google will push themes that are secured and have fast opening speeds.

Your theme will directly affect your SEO performance, so it is important to choose the best SEO capable website.

  1. Ratings and Reviews

A theme could look perfect, but as soon as your drop-down in reviews, you will see a lot of complaints about its functionality or lack of customer service support. Always go for popular themes with a lot of reviews. That way, you will now how the theme performs in the real-world.

  1. Support

If you don’t know your way around WordPress, it is wise to choose a theme that offers the best support. That way, if you run into a problem or delete something crucial for your website, you can contact the support team and easily fix the problem.

  1. Browser Capability

It is important to note that a single theme can look differently on various browsers. Checking the browser capability is crucial for making the perfect theme. Fortunately, the latest themes support all browsers, and the theme looks identical on each of them.

However, if you choose a theme that doesn’t go along with some browser, you might compromise your looks for the users that are using that particular search engine.

Final Words

Choosing a theme is an important part of the website starting process, which is why you need to take your time and consider these things before you make a purchase. You can always change your theme, but all the work you put into making the website look good will be for nothing.