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What Makes A Good Brand Sign?

Like any good question, the answer to what makes a ‘good’ sign can come in many forms and it helps to explore a number of them in order to give you an idea of how to approach sign design. Whether a sign is created by hand or rendered via computer software, the attention to detail which is required to perfect its lettering and layout remains the same.

Here are a few ideas that can help you to design a good sign, or at least one which is the most sensible solution for your business needs.

Preparation is Everything

Before you can set about designing a sign you need to do a bit of background research. You should establish not only where the sign is going to be placed, but also how far away the typical viewer will be when they are going to read its content. This will help to determine the most apt size for your sign. You also need to think about the information or message which is going to be conveyed by the sign and how you would want the reader to respond to this. This will help you to create the copy which will feature on the sign and ensure that it is as engaging and concise as possible.

Brand Identity

It is often sensible to include the logo of your business, its name or indeed both of these elements in order to reinforce the importance of your brand when designing a sign. Giving these elements a prominent position will help establish the brand identity of your company, so it is advised to place them at the top of a sign, centred if possible to enhance the professional look of the design.

Text Considerations

The look of the text will impact the readability of your sign, so this is another area which requires close attention. You can carry out plenty of test runs using a standard PC word processing program, which will allow you to enter your intended content and then alter things like the font and the size of words.

You will want the text to look professional and also be easy to read, while also considering which pieces of information contained within it are going to be emphasized to enhance their importance in the eye of the viewer. The font itself can be down to personal preference or brand appropriateness, but it is best to opt for a clear font and do not, whatever you do, choose Comic Sans.

The Look of the Layout

The size and intent of your sign will go a long way towards dictating how the text and other pieces of content are laid out across its area. Make sure that you leave a border around the edge in order to give it a more professional look, while also keeping in mind that any color schemes you choose should be on-brand rather than randomly assigned.

If a sign is looking too cluttered with your allotted text, you should either cut down the amount of copy you have on display or decide to make the sign larger, since leaving a messy sign will make it more difficult to read. Use your own discretion and ideally seek the aid of a professional signage company in order to see you through the process and ensure that you get a good sign for your business.



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