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Why Your Website is Just as Important as Your Product

You’ve got a great product to sell or service to offer; everyone loves it and the demand is high. Many businesses, eager to get their product online, hurry to put together a website so transactions can take place and increase product visibility.

As long as your site is up, and the product is available, that’s all that matters, right? Wrong. Even if your product or service is outstanding and literally sells itself, your website design can make or break your profit. Feel confident in your website? Take a good look at make sure it has the following features:


Shopping online is easy and convenient. Even more so when you’re on the go. Maybe you’re an exclusive online shopper, or at the very least, you look online to do some research before buying.

Most of us have encountered the problem of wanting to place an order, but due to glitches, we had to wait until we got home to our PC or laptop. If you’ve had this problem before, did you wait to order later or skip the transaction altogether?

About 70 percent of online shoppers say that most mobile sites could be more user-friendly. If you want to make a sale and have returning customers, you must make sure your site running smoothly across all platforms from PC to smartphone.

The Content

Including and creating just the right kind and amount of content can make your website stand out from the competition. Use eye-catching images and a good call-to-action (CTA), but make sure they are relevant.

Unless you’re a “wacky and obscure” business (and your customers know that about you), keep your content relevant and attractive to your general audience. Don’t know if your design is too boring or too busy? Check out a Wix review and see how easy it is to create a simple design with meaningful content.

Easy to Navigate

A website, regardless of its content, should always be easy to navigate. Even though we live in a tech-savvy age, never assume that every visitor to your site spends hours on the Internet each day. Research says that you have less than a minute to “hook” the average customer. If your website is hard to navigate, your prospective customers are likely to go elsewhere.

Don’t forget to add a search bar, especially if you have a lot of products. Always make it easy to find crucial information. Do you have some kind of contact information posted? A bio is always a good idea, too, because many customers want to buy from a company with a “face.”

Think Like Your Customers

It’s a good rule of thumb to think of all the things that are important to you, as an online shopper because your clientele is probably looking for the same features.

You’re busy, right? If you wanted to shop in a brick and mortar store, you would, but shopping online is the “norm.” There’s a good chance that you want to shop on a site that looks professional, is easy to use, is secure, and can take up very little of your time. When building (or rebuilding) your website, keep these things in mind to be successful.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.