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Web design trends: See which ones are ruling 2017

Web design is a fluid and dynamic process that evolves every year. Here are some of the design trends that are ruling web design in the year 2017.

Top Trends Ruling Web Design in 2017

Web design lies at the heart of the Internet since there can be no websites without designers who map them out for developers can have an easy time developing them. Additionally, the world of designing sites is just as dynamic as the Net, and hence, it is driven by trends that come and go as years pass by. At, we believe it is necessary for designers and their customers to keep themselves informed about the latest trends that dominate every year.

The reason is that some of these trends are products of new inventions that come to enhance the reality of webs design. In addition, some of them result from the changing patterns in user needs and behaviors. Lastly, some of these trends come in because of finding a solution to the previous problems that users or designers have been facing. Therefore, it is to your highest advantage to pay attention to and embrace them. With that in mind, we present the latest trends that are ruling web design in 2017.

Artificial intelligence 

The first trend dominating the design world this year is Artificial Intelligence or AI. One f the reasons why designers are incorporating this component in their designs is that some of the leading names on the Internet such as Google have used it successfully. You should remember that the modern online space would become lame in the absence of this giant search engine that is virtually enjoying a monopoly and calling the shots. Therefore, designers are now adapting their approaches based on its rules of engaging their customers on the Net. Additionally, there is a pressing need for designers to adopt technology that allows them to develop software that can think on its own.

A mobile-first strategy

Another trend that is ruling the design patterns in this year is the mobilefriendly approach that has persisted since the past few years. The reason is that way the world of technology is taking us, there is no end in sight for the mobile revolution. In fact, this revolution will dislodge other platforms from the scene since the world has virtually become mobile. You can watch this space, that the leaning towards designing mobilefriendly sites will be here this year, the next ten, and even fifty years. As we talk now, mobile devices have overtaken and outshone computers in the way people visit websites and interact with the Net. So far, the figures we have are indicating that 65 percent of users access the Net via their smartphones or tablets.

Gradient color schemes

This year, the use of gradient color schemes is on the rise with many designers adopting them in their design processes. The reason why designers are taking this direction is that they want to get rid of old and tiredlooking gradients and solid color areas that are not adding much value to user experiences.

Bold typography

Another area that is trending this year is typography. For a web designer who appreciates the power and influence fonts exert on the readability of your website, using the right type and form of font is not negotiable. Even though web designers have been using big and bold fonts for some time, it is notable that this year they are taking it to the next level by experimenting with customdrawn types and where to place them best on their web pages. With this kind of blending in place, designers are now using the creative possibilities of typography to create resonant brand imagery.

Hand-drawn illustrations are taking center stage

Another trend that is dominating the word of web design this is the increased use of handdrawn illustrations. These illustrations are not just a way of expressing creativity but also as a means of enjoying fun. Many designers are now resorting to the use of these illustrations to showcase their images.

Complex layouts

In 2017, we are also seeing the increase of complex layouts in web design processes. These designers are now employing these layouts as tools for merging creativity with complexity to the satisfaction of the user.

Responsive design

This year, responsive design is still ruling the atmosphere in the world of website design. The reason why this trend will remain around for long is that it is one of the most effective means of attaining better experience. By embracing such a trend, you will be in a better position to satisfy the needs of your users better since their satisfaction begins with their ability to use your websites easily and conveniently.

Lastly, this year is seeing an increasing need for interactive elements. The reason is that they help in engaging users in many profitable ways. With this trend, users can enjoy using video headers, live chat tools, virtual reality features.

Web designing trends keep changing every year to help designers to adapt to new developments in technology as well as buyer behavior and needs. We believe that the ones we have shared in this post will bring you to a better position as a web designer or user.


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