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We Tried The Most Powerful 40+ Web Tools and Services

We were very curious to find out which are the most powerful 40+ web tools and services for web designers, developers, and freelancers.


We spend a couple of weeks discussing and testing hundreds of the most popular web solutions.


Below you will find reviewed the best of the best from many industries: WordPress support service, collaboration tool, a way to protect your money when doing online shopping, website builders, time-tracking software, online design tools, Elementor templates, and much more.


  1. Taskade – Real-time task management tool

Taskade is quite a new collaboration tool that has all the strong points of Asana, Trello, Google Docs, and Slack, and in plus it comes loaded with much more features.

A super cool thing is that Taskade works great for both real-time and asynchronous communication, this is something that nobody else is doing.

A great tactic for making your team conversations more open is to have your team publish important information in a shared Taskade project or workspace. This shared project should include each team member’s:

  • Time zone.
  • Preferred contact method.
  • And more!

Doing so ensures that everyone on your team understands when it’s best to reach out to their colleagues. This cuts down on needless disruptions to individual deep work time while also fostering more honest conversations about bandwidth within the team. Put that together and it’s a great recipe for increased team productivity. When you have a unified workspace to document all of your project priorities and important conversations, it builds a more open and honest culture throughout the team. Everyone involved can see how other members of the team go about their day and gain an understanding of how their own work contributes to the forward momentum of any project.

Taskade is free to use whily the PRO versions is only $7 per month and it has unlimited workspaces, users, templates, tags, no limitation on file storage and upload, and unique features.

Start using Taskade. 

  1. Privacy

There are tons of websites from which we buy different stuff: WordPress themes, plugins, graphic bundles, furniture, food, clothes, even cars, and much more.

With tens of millions of dollars stolen each year from online shoppers, all of us should do everything we can to protect our money.

How can we do this? Start using Privacy for all of your online purchases. It lets you add virtual cards in just a few seconds, up to 12 per month for the free account.

Using a virtual card you will mask your financial information. In the case that merchant gets breached, you will not lose any of your real data. Additionally, for each card you create you can set spend limits, block automatic and unwanted payments, and easily pause or even close compromised cards.

It is easy to use Privacy and very convenient. Lock down and protect your money with Privacy.

  1. WhatFontIs – The Best Font Finder Tool

WhatFontIs is the best font finder tool that you can use to identify any font from any picture.

This is the not the average tool, but the leading one. It has over 600k indexed fonts, and it is the only system the works with both free and paid fonts.

The powerful AI software is accurate and fast. Upload the picture of the font you want to identify, and the platform will quickly tell you the info you need: the font name, the price (free or how much does it cost), and where to get it from. You will also get over 60 free and paid font alternatives.

Always use WhatFontIs to identify fonts. It is free, simple to use, and efficient.

  1. Total Theme

Total Theme is a super popular WordPress theme that is loaded with tons of stuff, being used by over 41,000 happy users.

The Total theme comes packed with all the features you need to get your site up and running quickly and with ease and without bloating your site up with tons of 3rd party plugins.

  • Easy demo importer – With 1 click select the demo you wish to import on your empty site to get stated quickly.
  • Drag-and-drop builder – Front-end drag & drop via the popular WPBakery page builder to create your site with ease.
  • Theme Customizer – Live customizer settings to easily change your site colors, fonts, widths and other main settings.
  • Tons of elements – Over 100-page builder elements that can be used to make your custom pages using the builder.
  • Developer friendly – Built in hooks & filters so anything can be modified with 450+ snippets available in the online docs.
  • Dynamic Layouts – Use the dynamic template function to make a custom layout for any post type and assign it globally.
  1. Graphic Design Software

Trusted by 3 million businesses worldwide, Appy pie is a major supplier of dedicated tools for different communities.

Appy pie Design can be used to design graphics, web pages, short videos and presentations, without having any special skills or prior experience.

Try it.

  1. Codester

Codester is used by top professionals to buy premium PHP scripts, app tempaltes, themes, plugins, and much more.

On Codester you can sell your items for an additional income, they don’t request exclusivity over your products.

  1. DrLinkCheck

Dr. Link Check is the fastest and most efficient solution to get rid of broken links. After you write down your website URL, the platform will quickly analyze it and send you a detailed report.

Get rid of broken links, nobody likes them.

  1. Bonsai Contracts for Design & Developers

Over 100,000 professional freelancers use Bonsai with huge success, being the leading suite of software created specifically for this niche.

With Bonsai, you can easily generate web design contracts, create fully customized invoices and contracts, track expenses and payments, and much more.

Join the huge community and get more work done in less time.

  1. Free website builder

Mobirise is a powerful, offline website builder that has everything you need included: over 2,500 gorgeous website templates, sliders, galleries, forms, popups, icons, and much more.

No need to have any special skills or experience to use Mobirise at its full capacity.

  1. Affordable design to code web development service

Goodie has over 10 years’ experience in the web development market, being a top service used mostly by graphic designers that need a professional and reliable web development partner, and by customers that need simple 1-10 page and WordPress websites.

Discuss with Goodie experts your next project.

  1. Astra Theme – Elementor Templates


You can easily make your Elementor website stand out of the crowd and put in front of your competition. How? With Astra, you will add 100 free and paid Elementor themes.

All these themes look awesome and are over-engineered.

  1. Landing pages

MailMunch is the fastest growing landing page platform, filled with tons of beautiful landing and squeeze pages, with a drag-and-drop builder, and with a fast interface that will guide your every step.

Increase conversions by up to 400% with MailMunch, it is simple and you don’t need any special experience.

  1. Email Template Builder

Unlayer is a professional and complete email editor and page builder for SaaS, that is packed with tons of features and options.

Embed it on your website and let visitors to create high-converting content in minutes, without requesting them to have any special skills or experience.

  1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro is used by tons of WordPress websites to quickly add markups. With a click of a button, all the markups will be automatically added to all the selected pages.

Make your website rank higher in search engines with Schema Pro, the most powerful solution in the industry.

  1. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is a professional WordPress SEO plugin, packed with tons of features, yet free to use.

After a basic and quick configuration, Rank Math will run by itself, being fully autonomous.

Rank Math will make your website rank higher in search engines, without you losing not even 1-minute tweaking things.

  1. WordPress gallery plugin

On Imagely, you will find the most popular themes and plugins for photographers with 900,000+ users. Stunning designs, unlimited galleries, ecommerce, print sales, and more.

Browse Imagely and pick any of these superb Photography themes.

  1. Zapier Mastery Learn how to automate your business to create more free time

In the future, most of our tasks will be automated or done by robots. Why not already apply automation to our business so we can create more free time?

This can easily be done if you have the right skills. If you don’t have them, get the Zapier Mastery course. The automation course is simple to follow and you and your staff can take it to learn everything you need to know.

Learn to automate your business to create more free time with Zapier Mastery.

  1. WordPress photography themes

Photocrati is super popular in the WordPress industry for creating the very best Photography WordPress themes.

All these themes are optimized for displaying stunning galleries with hundreds of pictures, to sell images in a professional way, and support automated print fulfilment.

  1. The #1 WordPress Knowledge Base Theme

A knowledge base is a must for all websites that have a shop section.

Use it to let your potential customers find out more about your products.

Or you can use the knowledge base for your existing customers so they can find quick answers to their questions without submitting support tickets.

KnowAll is the most powerful and complete knowledge base theme for WordPress, get it right now.

  1. Simplest website builder

With 8b, anybody can easily create websites that are engaged and loved.

This powerful website builder comes loaded with a drag-and-drop builder, with over 250 gorgeous and pixel-perfect website templates, and much more.

Use 8b to create awesome websites, you need 0 skills and 0 prior experience.

  1. Event WordPress themes 

ShowThemes is known in the market for creating the best premium event themes for WordPress. They closely worked with event professionals to create from scratch these awesome themes.

Get this all-in-one solution.

  1. Real Estate WordPress Themes

Tesla Themes creates some of the best premium WordPress themes in the industry.

These themes are SEO optimized, fast, great for high-converting websites, and are super simple to fully customize.

For $99 you will get all these 67 stunning WordPress themes that can be used for all kind of websites – blogs, agencies, shops, company websites, and much more.

  1. uKit

With a modern website assembly tool, uKit, creating a website has never been simpler! Tinker with it in a convenient visual editor, and make the most of the Internet. Whether you want to set up a personal blog, a promo page for your service or an online shop — uKit got your back. Set up your Internet page now for free!

  1. Marketables – A Resource Marketplace

Marketables will help you sale your SaaS products templates right away. You can easily create your account and add your products: email templates, landing page templates, banners, and covers.

Start selling with Marketables – upload your assets, create short descriptions set the price and wait for results.

Sign up and become a part of Marketables!

  1. stepFORM

stepFORM is a first-class platform for creating forms, quizzes, and surveys. The visual intuitive interface makes it a great solution for newbies, while custom HTML code and CSS properties configurations make it perfect for web pros. Among other useful features, you can find antispam settings, integration with external services such as Google Analytics, PayPal, Wallet One, SendPulse, Bitrix24 and so on. Check them all now.

  1. LogoAI

LogoAI is used by millions of people to create gorgeous logos in minutes. Write your business name, add a slogan, and right away you will get in front of you hundreds of logos.

Choose the one you like most and edit it to be a perfect fit for your needs. You pay only after you find the logo you want.

  1. WordPressToWix.PRO

As a trusted WordPress to Wix migration service, WordPressToWix.PRO effectively deals with all the stages of website transfer process, considering all the nuances and special parameters of projects they work with. The service is known for their transparent and reasonable pricing policy, individual approach, professional team of web developers and quality result they tend to provide. The cost and terms of website migration is negotiated before the transfer process to let users know what to expect.

  1. actiTIME

actiTIME is used by thousands of companies, including by Xerox, Accentura, and Philips, to track time, for scope management, accurate billing, and much more.

Try this all-in-one software for free for 30 days.

  1. uSocial

uSocial is a multipurpose service for enhancing user engagement and driving extra traffic via social media buttons. The builder itself is super easy to use: select the type of button or set of services you need, customize them and install. The service also gives you access to detailed statistics represented as graphs or charts. The buttons are perfect for any website builder and CMS system.

  1. Topper

Topper is a multi-functional WordPress theme that you can use to build a lifestyle blog absolutely effortlessly. This is a multi-functional WordPress solution, letting you use 14+ niche-specific skins. You can even download it for free if the Theme Core functionality is enough for you. Additionally, the theme contains a wide choice of blog layout styles. All of them are fully customizable elements, which you can adjust without even tweaking a single line of code. By means of the header and footer layout builder, you can add the desired look and feel to the respective areas of your site.

  1. uCoz

Discover one of the oldest and most convenient website builders on the Internet — uCoz. Created back in 2005, it has since attracted several millions of active users. It features an intuitive builder based on pre-set templates and advanced editors — both visual and code ones. It provides you with a lot of options to make your website look great and professional — just in a couple of clicks.

  1. InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is a top invoicing software used by small and medium companies with huge success.

The interface is clean and easy to use, and the platform is packed with cool features and options.

Try InvoiceBerry for free, you don’t need a credit card.

  1. uCalc

If you are looking for a simple tool that would make your site look more credible and entice more clients, install an online calculator. With uCalc builder, the process of creating online calculators becomes seamless and painless due to the visual drag’n’drop editor and rich functionality. The service is perfect for beginners but if you are a whizkid coder, you can use the HTML editor.

  1. Helion

Helion is a responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme that is quick and easy to modify according to your specific needs. It is easy to bring changes to the theme’s pages without any deep understanding of design or code. It’s fully compatible with the Elementor page builder and lets you apply changes in the intuitive drag-and-drop mode. Additionally, the theme includes 11+ demo skins, which are ready to be applied for different topic-specific projects that you run. Helion supports all popular WordPress plugins and includes a gallery of inner pages that you can also use on your site.

  1. WixToWP.PRO

When adopting the decision to switch from Wix to WordPress, it initially makes sense to choose a trusted service that will simplify the process for you. Wix2WP.Pro is that very platform you can rely on due to its professionalism, experience and reliability. The service complies with all the requirements and needs of their clients, offering reasonable pricing, individual approach to each project and quick transfer services.

  1. Fotor

Fotor is an all-in-one visual content solution that you can use for photo editing and graphic design, without having any special skills or experience.

Join the millions of people that use Fotor with great success and create high engaging pictures.

  1. uLanding

uLanding is a convenient service for creating a sleek and quality one-pager in a snap. The builder itself is easy-to-manage with a wieldy interface. The service is perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel tech-savvy. Plus, it lets you configure SEO settings for website pages: a page address, title and description meta tags, website indexing, as well as connect Google Analytics. Benefit from uLanding today.

  1. Moderated chat for live Q&A and Web Events

Looking to quickly add a moderated chat for live Q&A and web events on your website?

You can easily do that with RumbleTalk, the most popular solution in the industry, used by WIX and other huge names.

Start with the free plan and upgrade it whenever you need it.

  1. is a reliable and informative web-based source of information for everyone who is interested in website development. The project delivers credible and in-depth facts about website builders – the tools that make it possible for everyone to design high end projects with no skills or programming knowledge required. The site contains lots of reviews, comparisons and posts related to widespread and frequently searched for web design aspects.

  1. Gutentype

Take a closer look at the Gutentype WordPress theme as a quick and rock-solid foundation for your blog or media-related online resource. The theme is fully based on the Gutenberg page builder. It’s fully compatible with all Gutenberg blocks, styles, and shortcodes. The theme includes a selection of 10+ demos that are ready to be used for different kinds of topic-specific websites of yours. It runs on the powerful fully responsive framework. The theme also contains a gallery of inner pages and blog layout styles that you may feel free to use on your own site.


When you face the need to switch from static HTML to dynamic WordPress, professional assistance is always handy. This is where HTMLtoWordPress.PRO proves to be a valuable and trusted solution. The service deals with all kinds of projects to ensure smooth, risk-free and effective process of converting HTML projects to WordPress websites. HTMLtoWordPress.PRO experts help switch between the platforms, preserving the available content, must-have entities and assets.

  1. Shella – Ultimate Shopify Store

Use Shella Shopify theme to create a premium fashion store that quickly converts.

Shella is overengineered to rock the fashion store industry and it works.

Check Shella.

  1. Customify – The Most Customizable WordPress Theme

Customify is the most customizable WordPress theme on the market, while being free to use.

It was created from scratch so you can customize everything at it – headers, footers, and the whole design. No need to have any coding skills or special experience, you can do it.

Get Customify for free.


In 2020, there are huge differences between web tools. Some are super-efficient while others are average. Very often, a higher price does not reflect a better quality or more efficient tool.

A good such example is Taskade, which will become the best remote collaboration tool on the web, replacing Asana, Trello, Google Docs, and Slack, being free to use.



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