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Virgin American Image Library

This is one of the earliest examples of what was to become a signature of The New Cruelty, the integrated photographic production. The original brief from Anomaly was to produce a broad range of images that could be used for anything byVirgin America in the lead up to their launch. The project was a challenge as up to that point, VA only had one plane, it had no seats, and it’s freshly painted livery was still a secret.

The solution was to provide two photographers, handle all fees and costs, negotiated all of the usage rights and produce both shoots – over a period of three months – managed by single production company.

Guys from The New Cruelty took a renowned car photographer Alexp from the UK to Greenville, Alabama, to shoot the brand new Virgin America A320 – fresh from the paint shop. They supplementedAlex’s shoot with additional details of the aircraft and behind-the-scenes.
The second shoot took place a few months later at San Francisco’s International Airport, where James Bareham – founding creative partner of The New Cruelty – shot a library of images of the new plane interior, including pictures of each of the unique lighting states, details of the seats, entertainment system and features, as well as creating a series of iconic product images that would be suitable for use in ads and online.

Their final task was to retouch and grade the complete set of hires images forVirgin America. This included creating a master set of shots in both RGB and CMYK of the A380 exterior (from Greenville) and the interiors (from SFO) – and to say converting the pink and purple lighting state to CMYK is an understatement. The final element of post production was grading a series of images to create a fluid transition of the lighting states to be used online in the form on a navigable Flash animation.






















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