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Use The Power Of Semantic Technology To Manage Your Projects

If you are using a project management tool, then you know how difficult it can be to make changes into a running project. On a  traditional software you have to duplicate your project, modify it, disable the running processes and enable the new scheme. This thing is hard, time consuming and often it can be expensive in case of hiring professional assistance.

While the standard model is based on planning everything in advance, the new generation of PM software is trying to solve this problem by adapting to reality, because there is always a possibility that elements from your project fail. What happens if somebody with an important role in your company leaves? Or what if a supplier can’t deliver their goods? There are many bad scenarios which can occur, so that’s why we need an easy way to modify a project.

The newest generation of business planning is using semantic technology that enables you to adapt your business process to the dynamically changing business environment. Using it, you can make changes on the fly: you can open the visual workflow and practically change everything by drag and drop. You don’t have to seek professional assistance because the business logic is more understandable and you won’t need to restart the processes after you modified them.

So, the semantic technology provides unmatched flexibility with projects, processes, and issue management. With it, you can start a process with minimal formalization and customize it on the run, opposed to traditional software which follows the “careful design first and set in stone” approach. Also, you don’t have to rebuild the whole process from scratch because now you can change any process scheme during execution.

One of the first project management tools which have this technology implemented, is Comindware Tracker. You set the process by building the workflow, specify which employees are responsible with the tasks, determine the states and the transitions of the workflow and then start the process. When the execution is in progress, you will automatically receive generated tasks so you work on them during process execution. You can add comments, start discussions, share files or follow the evolution of the task.

The first version of Comindware Tracker with semantic technology will be available soon, so stay tuned and subscribe  in order to get Comindware Tracker 1st edition right after it appears.


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