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Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

For connoisseurs, Marvel Vs Capcom has become a worldwide gaming since the arrival of the first episode was released in 1998 on arcade. Passionate for the first time by the Marvel Universe and its comics, Steve followed up to all editions of this license, publishing arcade port to nextgen console. So i decided to make the website of the latest : Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

2 months ago, Steve Fraschini was challenged to achieve several things :

1. Find a creative agency that could make him change his job as a designer.

2. Have to present the material in terms of webdesign, build up a solid book.

3. Perform three sites for three major brands of my own. His first as you guessed is intended for the video game’s most vougeat the time.


To accomplish this huge work, he had to read a wealth of articles about the history of the game, a few comics from my personal collection, Capcom’s history and that of Marvel (he already knew), then in a second time get information about the universe “beat them all” to bring the arcade next to the design and artistic achievement of the site. He did not just make this site for him, but for fans of the game, trying to stick to the world as closely as possible.



























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