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uKit – The Best Way to Build Small Business Website

If you are right about to create a business website, then there are several things to consider. To make your business popular with the target audience, the website should feature decent quality and excellent performance. It seems that it is not easy to reach this goal, if you are not a professional web developer, who knows all the nuances of the web creation process and can cope with the task within the shortest time frames. However, there is a nice solution, which will be of great help both for non-tech savvy users and experienced web developers. The solution we are talking about is website builders. These systems combine ease of use, quality, and affordability, ensuring a decent result. One of the most credible options is uKit.  Let’s find out what makes this website builder stand out from the crowd now.

uKit is known as a small/medium business website builder. The system is a nice choice for company owners, willing to launch a business website, a landing page or even a small online store independently and without the need to learn the coding basics or other web design nuances.

Designs and Templates

uKit can boast rich template collection, which encompasses dozens of topics. Such subdivision contributes to the ease of search and simplifies the entire web design process. Some of the most popular and widely chosen thematic categories are Automotive, Games, Business, Finance and Insurance, IT services, Sports, Travel, Music, Real Estate, Education, Photography etc.

What matters a lot for a business website is that all the templates are responsive by default and ideally match all the screens and resolutions of mobile devices. If you wish, you can preview the template prior to choosing it. However, it is also possible to change the template during the web design process, if you feel that you’ve initially made the wrong choice.

Business Features

  • Cost Calculator. uKit offers an opportunity to integrate an Online Calculator uCalc to your business website with a few clicks only. Just choose the widget, drag it to your website, create your own uCalc account or connect the existing one. This widget will make it possible for you to create an online form to calculate the cost of products or services with further online payment option and order form completion.
  • SSL Certificate. Website security matters a lot for a business website and uKit has a nice feature to help you prevent the potential safety problems. The system allows connecting SSL Certification to your newly created website to enhance its safety level and that of your business-related information. SSL-certified websites are more credible and safe. This is what most clients appreciate and look for.
  • CRM Integration. If you intend to manage business tasks and orders within your team or have the idea to track your clients’ relations within your business website, the connection of AMO CRM will be a nice solution. This is done with one click only and is very convenient for the owners of eCommerce and business websites.
  • Useful Business Widgets. Timer Widget is a nice addition to any business website. It allows tracking time remaining to a certain event. This may be anything you consider important for your business, such as discount start time, promotion expiration date, sales start, product launch etc.

  • Timeline Widget. The major objective of using the Timeline widget is to illustrate steps of completing a certain task – from the moment you start working on it and up to the moment the task is completed. Each step comes with a certain time of its completion. It is possible to edit the content found in the widget, make it clickable or set its background color.

eCommerce Features

uKit allows launching eCommerce websites in two different ways. The first one allows using the functionality of the integrated eCommerce widget, which results in the creation of small and medium online stores. What you need to activate the widget is to choose it first in the control panel, drag it to the website and start filling it with your own content. It’s also important to adjust shipping and payment options prior to activating the widget. This doesn’t take much time, but ensures a decent result.


The second option implies using the external Ecwid service – a powerful eCommerce platform that offers a variety of features, such as various payment options, support of  multiple languages, currencies etc. These features will contribute to your business website advancement, credibility and flexibility. If you already have your Ecwid account, just integrate it to your website to make use of the options it offers. If you don’t, then create a new one to start selling services or products on the web.


When it comes to business website creation, search engine optimization aspect should not be overlooked. uKit offers a variety of SEO tools for the effective promotion of your newly created business website. Even if you are a newbie, you won’t face problems adjusting basic SEO settings at your website pages. This won’t take much effort and time. Just switch to the SEO tab in the “Page Settings” section and fill out the meta tags, namely the Title, Description and Keywords. What’s more, uKit offers the Promotion tool, which indicates the readiness of the website for publication and further promotion.

When it comes to business development, it’s also important to be able to track your website traffic. This can be done by connecting Google Analytics to your website. A few clicks only are needed to complete the task. Just go to the “Statistics” section in the Dashboard, click the “Connect” button and connect Google analytics to your account, following simple guidelines. Do not forget to specify the goals for your website statistics tracking and watch the result. This is very simple and convenient for everyone.


uKit doesn’t have a free plan, but this can hardly be considered a disadvantage. Those users, who seriously intend to use the website builder to create their own business websites, should choose the plan they like and test its features, using a 14-day free trial test version of the selected plan. As of today, uKit has the following paid plans:

As you see, the cost of using the system is one of the most affordable in the market, while even the cheapest plan offers the required spectrum of premium services. No wonder, uKit is so popular with users these days.


uKit is a decent and well-known website builder, which works great for launching small and medium business websites. The system is very easy to use even for people with little or no expertise at all, not to mention proficient web developers. The system allows focusing on the most important web design nuances, ensuring safe, convenient and quick web building experience. Even though, uKit doesn’t have a free version, its plans are more than affordable and provide a large spectrum of features needed to create a quality and decent business website.


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