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Twitter Me… How To Get Followers On Twitter

Twitter, is one of the big three social networking platforms is all about sharing information and your thoughts with people who actually want to listen to you. Only people who follow you on twitter will see your tweets in their newsfeed each day. The key to a successful Twitter account is building up a list of followers who will in-turn retweet or take action after reading your posts.

The big challenge is getting the followers. There are a number of companies out there who will claim they can do this for you, but if you have the time to commit then there’s no reason why you can’t do this yourself. Here are a few tips on how to get started:

1. Write an interesting Bio.

Make sure the Bio on your Twitter account is interesting and reads well, any Bio that contains spam will be ignored by most people. The Bio should tell people at a glance what you are about and what it is you can offer followers.

2. Profile picture.

No one wants to follow someone who has a stock photo as their image, get a nice picture of yourself up on twitter and become more personable to other users. Putting a face to a name or a business can make all the difference when forming relationships.

3. Use other Social networks to promote your profile.

Link, link, link that’s the answer to promotion. Use other Social Networks to promote your Twitter account, add links from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +, along with any other account you may have.

4. Link to your Twitter profile from your blog or website.

If you have your own blog or website, then you certainly need to have a “follow me on Twitter” button. You will be surprised how many followers you get from this. Also add a “tweet this”; button to any posts you have on your blog, that way if a reader likes what they see, they can share it with others.

5. Follow profiles that you want to follow you.

The unspoken etiquette on Twitter is to follow those who follow you. Now there are those out there who don’t adhere to that, but if even 50% follow you back then you can hope to see your Twitter follower numbers increase tenfold.

6. Give something back in return.

Here’s an idea, offer something in return for a follow. Perhaps you have an ebook that followers can download or a useful app they can use on their mobile device or tablet. People love free gifts so it’s a win-win situation.

7. Run a competition.

Who can resist a competition? Simply tweet your competition and encourage others to retweet it. Be aware you need to be offering something worthwhile for followers to take you up on your offer. Don’t try making up a faux competition, the backlash will do your reputation no flavors.

8. Interact regularly.

Any successful Twitter account I know has regular updates and interactions with the followers. Try your best to keep up to date with daily tweets and interact with those you follow and who follow you. No action means followers will drop you like a hot potato.

9. Auto follow tools.

Simply Google “auto follow twitter tools”; and you will be met with a barrage of options to choose from. Some charge some don’t. Just be aware that a lot of these tools will get you total random followers and you could end up with a lot of spam.

Best of luck with the tweeting!



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