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Top Five Backups Every Web Designer Should Have

It is very frustrating to wake up one morning and discover that your website has disappeared into thin air. Many factors may cause your website to vanish; maybe the hosting company accidentally deleted it, or it was hacked…who knows. To avoid such hideous scenarios, you must ensure that you have the best backup for your website. A good back up should house all you are the programming files that are present on the hosting company’s server. Moreover, it should have all data files located in your personal database. The database stores all images texts, pages and any other vital information.

The hosting company will always offer a backup option for your website. However, it is best that you back up your website yourself as a huge numbers of web hosting companies will not back it up regularly. The few who offer regular back do it to ensure their own protection and they never allow clients to view files. So if you have worked hard to create a website, it is important to get a good backup plan to save yourself the distress associated with  either website or server failure. Here are some of the backup solutions available for you to help you maintain your online presence functionality just in case you lose all your work without warning.

1. Manual backups

This is the most low-tech way of backing up your website. All you need to do is to connect to the suite through FTP or SFTP to the account under which your website operates. For maximum protection, you should back up to many files. You must remember to back up the website regularly. If you are backing up using software like gallery or word press then you will have to back up all your databases too. The amount of time spent down loading files depends on the size of the website and the connection speed.

2. Control panel backups

Backing up using cpanel is very simple. First, you will have to log into the Cp control panel and click the backup icon. Secondly, generate a full backup after which you should select a back up destination. A confirmation email will be sent to you informing you that the download is complete. Store the    downloaded backup in a secure place. Do not forget to back it up frequently just in case the server goes down.

3. The cloud solution

A cloud solution ensures utmost protection of your website. Some of the cloud, solutions include:


Drop box allows for file sharing, online backup, file sync and my personal choice all in a single application. After installing drop box, you, can easily transfer files. Using drop box you can also make some of your files accessible for public viewing. It also has an inbuilt photo gallery and can support android IPad and iPhone base devices. With this online backup solution, you can easily view photos, download files, take videos and synchronize files. Word press users can benefit a great deal from the third party plug in which has the ability, to back up the installation process on a particular frequency.

Amazon S3

Transferring all your data to onto S3 is extremely easy; you only need a little bit of thinking and server software. There are various tools, which you can use to mount you data onto S3. For instance, word press users can use back up buddy.

Rsync backup

This software, enables you copy a file present in one server to a different server. This is a clever way of transferring files since it allows you to transfer only changed files saving you both precious time and bandwidth. Installing Rsync back up is not a direct process, but having a Linux server is a great way of backing up your website incrementally.

Automated backup solutions

There is absolutely, no need of managing g backups all by yourself when you can use expert control. Some of the managed back up services available in the market include back up machine drop my site and code guard. Code guard offers both manual and automated backups for sites whereas drop my site is a backup up solution which connects via FTP and downloads other backups. Drop my site re-downloads, the whole website each time you use it.

With countless options, it sure it is very difficult to set up a back up workflow. However, it is sensible to choose a backup plan that suites, budget and time scale. Automated options are cheaper, compared to all other backup solutions. Set up an efficient back up schedule, which allows you to backup your databases regularly. Most people set up a backup plan and end up forgetting all about them. Website failure may occur anytime therefore there is need ensure that you back up contains everything you need to aid the restoration process.

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This is a guest post by Peter Zaborszky on behalf of Best  who has reviewed over 40 backup providers.


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