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Top 2011 Joomla Templates

As you know, I love WordPress but Joomla is also great and I can say that Joomla is a more mature CMS while WordPress is a GREAT blogging platform “stretched” into a CMS, meaning that rather than rewrite wordpress as a full blown CMS, it’s been modified to make it accomodate more and more CMS functions.

As a result, both apps will more or less do the same thing. However, wordpress always requires to add code to several files just to add “sidebars” to an area outside the normal sidebar area or the add a second menu.

Some of these themes are free, but some are premium (must be bought).

Corporex Joomla Template

Disco Beat 

Joomla Flash Template

Vertex Joomla Template

Newscycle Joomla Template

ABC Business Company

Dolmatia J1.6

Sidore Joomla Template

L-Ardi Minimal Corporate

Laguna Design

 Lexx7 Snowboard 

 Ol_Konica Free templates

Lambat Business Joomla Templates

Upsilum Free Joomla 1.6 Theme


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