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Top 10+ WordPress Fashion Themes for Clothing and Accessories Websites 2017

Several trend enthusiasts find ways to promote their fashion styles and accessory ideas into the world. This is quite evident now that the fashion industry is strongly thriving in our recent time. With the internet to boost the accessibility of these products, everyone can now easily check fashion crazes all over the world. The benefit of being able to create a platform for fashion has taken the interest of many starting individuals. Hence, a lot of online platforms are now a haven for the newest couture and accessory in the fashion world.

Save yourself the time and effort because there are easy ways to create a website without breaking a sweat. WordPress, one of the most popular website creation tools, is a great way to start. In this platform, fashion WordPress themes are available for you to choose from. One way of making an image in the online world is to rank up your platform equally with the popular ones. To do this, WordPress fashion themes make it achievable.  How convenient getting one will surprise you. To start your fashion site, here are top 11 themes that you can choose from:


Julie Bernerro – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

A trendy theme like this with a sleek design will surely attract the onlookers if you want to showcase your vast fashion photography collection. Not only is this visually appealing to the users, but this is also a responsive one that takes minimal navigating effort. The icons displayed on this theme are elegant and neat, thus making it a pleasant experience. You are also able to express details about yourself in their extra feature page and choose from the several layouts offered. Not only will your site look appealing, but it will also show uniqueness. If you want a modern feel to go with your amazing collection of pictures, this theme exudes creative design elements. These designs are skillfully crafted to match today’s web trends and functionality.

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Didi – Fashion WordPress Theme

This fashion theme is a great way to appeal any audience. Of course, you wouldn’t want to just settle for desktop owners. With this responsive theme, you will also be attracting smartphone, laptop, and tablet users. Didi contains a wide variety of features. This includes a customizer that would allow you to preview and personalize the changes you make on the platform in real time. It also has a page of templates for wider options and different color schemes from the color picker. Lastly, it has a blog feature that would let you post your blogs in many ways. There are many clothing WordPress themes out there, but Didi is one that you can rely on when it comes to visually appealing templates that actually work. If you have issues and concerns, Didi’s support team will back you up right away. Lastly, in terms of walkthroughs in setting up this theme, it’s easier since it has a simple documentation that would guide you along the way.  

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Fashionia – Online Fashion Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

If you are enthusiastic in spreading the newest fashion trend of the celebrities to knowing the top beauty tips that every woman should know, this is the one for you. This cute and bubbly theme is another way of virtually showcasing the latest fashion events and beauty trends in a fun and stylish manner. Create a magazine this catchy with a theme not only smart in its design but also modern in its every feature. With this, you can now edit your site from time to time without reloading its page and have the chance to use different layouts without coding. Buy this theme once, and you can already use this on your other sites as well. Since the virtual world is where everyone is heading, you will have no trouble in finding an audience. Surely, you will be able to capture the hearts of your readers in no time.  

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Glossy Look – Lifestyle & Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

If you want a simple and elegant site for your fashion blog, this theme will make it happen. A minimalist theme like this would bring out your content and make it the center of attention. Nothing goes so much with this theme since it brings out a straight-to-the-point element without compromising the style. Thus, it gives the users a calm experience when navigating and a pleasant reading on the contents of your blog. This glossy WordPress theme comes with many widgets and layouts which provide you an array of choices to make your blog look versatile and unique. You’re given an uncomplicated canvas that you can playfully customize to fit your style and personality without having the trouble to do so. Indeed, this is one of the most loved clothing WordPress templates to date.

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Trendomania – Lifestyle & Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

This responsive layout is a trendy way to gather all the fashion enthusiasts all over the world. It is designed to fit the fashion industry, thus effectively displaying the content of your blogs. Working with this theme is flexible since it is provided with several options for your sidebar buttons, header, and footer. Because you are going to exhibit the latest trends to the people, it is important that you are also equipped with modern features and style. With Trendomania, you can never go wrong with fitting in with the newest edition of web making. A few clicks here and there will already go a long way, and it makes your editing hassle-free since it doesn’t need to be reloaded again. Choose your own color scheme, layout, and widgets with this amazing theme and create a platform that you will be proud of.

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Kustrix – Fashion Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

Kustrix is a popular and easy theme to use. Its front end is made by leading developers that ensure you of a responsive, timely, and stylish look. Packed with options to re-create a page of your own, you can now have an enjoyable time with personalizing. With the live customizer, you can click on a single button and already make a huge difference in your platform’s appearance– all of this in a real time setting. If you want to create traffic, the developers of this theme made a semantic code that would heighten your SEO ratings. Expect that you will be getting a parade of visitors in your page since it has also been coded to make the loading page faster. For issues with bugs, customer support can provide you ways to fix these conflicts effectively and immediately. They are also available 24/7 so that you can reach them anytime.

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Waylard – Fashion Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Waylard is a stunning template with a modern ring to it. Readers are able to read easily the content of your blog with this theme since it contains a simple yet appealing design. The buttons are easy to find and look pleasant on the page as it is meticulously arranged. If you want to re-create your page, a huge set of widgets is available for use. You can make changes anytime to build a rich layout filled with features. Since this is included in one of the most well-loved clothing WordPress templates, you will be assured that it is indeed an effective theme to use for your fashion website. Not only is Waylard adored for its amazing features and stylish look, but it is also appreciated for its fast customer service in times of bugs and technicality issues.

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Peony – Fashion Modeling Agency WordPress Theme

Peony is a famous WordPress theme that every starting agencies are well aware of. It is a lucrative template with both style and efficiency. Indeed, one can truly say that Peony, with its updated functionality and stunning design, is all you need to showcase your models. Even if you are still new to the modeling agency business, this template will help you kickstart your career and be on par with the big agencies in terms of website design and efficiency. Express your company information with this theme’s wide array of layout designs, features, and widgets. It also comes with free stock photos that you can use, especially when your page is still empty. A trip to your site would be smooth sailing as this theme is arranged with a clean, structured code and the newest web making standards. Since it is supported by top developers, you can be assured that it is SEO-friendly and responsive to any device.

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Gisele – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme

Enjoy a classy and chic theme with one of the most applauded fashion and lifestyle WordPress templates in the market today. Gisele is a versatile template that you can use for other platform projects. You can use this to any website relating to lifestyle, beauty, and any other personal style content. Its sleek design with black and white hues will bring out an exquisite air to your articles. If you find the original theme to be out of your taste, simply access its live customizer feature and work your way towards your preferred version of a fashion blog. This feature contains several options. Thus, you can play around and end up not having the same look with the other sites. Also, if you aren’t a tech-savvy individual, documentation is available to guide you through every step of the way.

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Ida – Model Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

Building your website will be an easy trip without breaking a programmed code because this theme has a handy Power Builder feature. With this, you can get your hands on 25+ module options and presets, plus a convenient drag-and-drop function for convenience purposes. Because this has an updated configuration setting, customization is easy and hassle-free. You can add and choose from a variety of images, buttons, tables, contact detail forms, slider bars, and a whole lot more. There’s no doubt that you will have a great deal of fun making the site than becoming frustrated with it. If you happen to have difficulty in using this template, a documentation guide is also provided for your convenience. It will help you work through the steps in creating an effective model portfolio website. This is a simple start-up method that anyone can handle.

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StylePark – Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

This popular theme is a well-documented template that would set you to a great start once you finish making your website. The graphics are classy and laid out well. With less complicated steps, it will only take less of your time and effort to set up your website. Enjoy a variety of widgets, features, and styling options to personalize your site without complicated instructions. Its front page has different widgetized areas, allowing you to highlight your focus content and services. This WordPress template is perfect for beauty, cosmetics, and lifestyle blogs. With this trendy theme to back you up, you can now finally share with your audience the latest fashion statement there is in the industry.

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WordPress fashion themes are a helpful tool when you want to create an avenue for fashion blogs and share it with the rest of the world. For some, it might be too intimidating; thus, their goal of expressing their love for fashion is diminished into a daydream. However, there are several ways to make your own domain. You can now have the chance to create fashion blogs even without an expertise in web development. Fashion WordPress themes are available and affordable for all fashion enthusiasts. Hence, there is no reason for you not to try this out.

Having a domain that speaks your passion will attract audiences. It will also help you make a name and image for yourself. Everyone needs exertion if they want to reap the benefits afterward. With these amazing themes, it’s most definitely an investment that would go well with your effort.

Express your love for the latest trends today! So, go ahead and spruce up your fashion blogs and websites with one of these stunning WordPress templates.


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