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Top 10 Web Hosting: Today’s Most Promising Hosting Providers For Web Developers

You lose money with each passing second when your website is offline, so it’s very important to choose a hosting provider that won’t fail you. With this prerogative in mind, I’ve decided to put together a selection of the best web hosting companies of nowadays.


1. KnownHost

No other hosting provider can stand next to KnownHost. It has to be the most reliable company in the industry. KnownHost’s ensemble of 250 servers ensures the Network Uptime Guarantee of 99.9%, an almost perfect percentage. KnownHost is so confident in the reality of that perfection that a Service Level Agreement credit kicks in immediately when that value shrinks. And just so you get a clear idea of how ‘tolerated’ downtime is, a downfall of more than 0.9% is downright unthinkable. When discontinuity does occur, all the user has to do is submit a ticket to the helpdesk within 5 days of the episode, and depending on its magnitude, the downtime is compensated with an appropriate credit.

KnownHost makes Shared hosting obsolete. The company offers excellent Managed VPS, which is a much more scalable, powerful, and resourceful type of hosting. The key factor here is that VPS from KnownHost is affordable. Besides, KnownHost’s email and ticket support system does a great job assisting users who happen to suffer a setback. Some of KnownHost’s managerial responsibilities include cost-free migrations and backups, administration of the operating system, network and hardware maintenance, initial account migration and protection, and free installation then optimization of the control panel.

If you should chose to activate VPS-2 or bigger versions, bear in mind that typing the code KH15LIFE in that moment effects a 15% lifetime discount to the hosting plan, which can morph when other upgrades are undertaken, in time. In addition, the first 30 days of hosting are subject to a 100% money-back guarantee (for all KnownHost services except for Dedicated Servers), so there’s more than enough time to reconsider your choice.


2. WebFaction

WebFaction is another outstanding hosting provider. The company’s scope envelops web developers and small to medium-sized websites in particular. The unique aspect of WebFaction is the fact that its shared hosting is actually a cocktail made of VPS, shared, and Dedicated features. Creative professionals would feel most comfortable here: the hosting package includes full SSH availability, and pre-installed developer tools like Python, PHP, or Django. What is more, 50 applications are ready for 1-Click installation, and afterwards they work at an amazing speed. The 24/7 customer support is always there to assist in any issue, but WebFaction’s own engineers take charge of configuring, monitoring, and backing up servers, applying security patches every now and then, and updating the existing tools.

There is no need to get involved in anything long-term if you’re not sure about WebFaction. In this light, the company’s homepage welcomes you to make use of the 48-hour trial to get a taste of what lies in store if you host with them. In addition, once you’ve started hosting with WebFaction, the option to give that up if you’re unsatisfied extends over a lengthy period of time: at any point during the first 60 days, you are entitled to receive full refunds.

WebFaction’s hosting prices are $8.50 and $9.50, applied to each of the two subscription options: first, you enlist for a whole year right from the start, or respectively go steady from month to month. In any case, WebFaction is an effective and competent hosting solution.

(mt) Media Temple

3. (mt) Media Temple

(mt) Media Temple is a consecrated leader among web hosting providers, and my fondness for it is grounded in its widely acknowledged proficiency. Besides, the company’s experience speaks for itself: this year, (mt) Media Temple celebrates its 15-year anniversary. Since first embarking on a mission to host great ideas in 1998, (mt) Media Temple has made 125,000 clients happy and hosted over 1.5 million websites in more than 100 countries from all over the world.

(mt) Media Temple isn’t just an outstanding web host for web developers and designers, but it also meets the hosting needs of any medium- and small-sized businesses. As a matter of fact, even huge brands such as Volkswagen, Adidas, Obey, Sony, or Red Bull have chosen (mt) Media Temple as their hosting partner. Needless to say (mt) Media Temple has what it takes to delight its clients and keep them happy by adapting to their needs. And (mt) Media Temple’s acclaimed, cross-platform customer support has undoubtedly played a big part in securing the company’s far-reaching clientele.

The shrewd engineers from (mt) Media Temple constantly upgrade the company’s products to meet and anticipate its customers’ hosting needs. Most recently, they upgraded the company’s flagship shared hosting plan, the GRID, which now makes websites up to 6 times faster. Aside from the GRID, (mt) Media Temple’s Managed VPS, and Developer VPS hosting offerings are also great environments for reselling-oriented designers and web developers. All in all, (mt) Media Temple is definitely a premium web hosting company.


6. Bluehost

Bluehost is yet another fine provider of web hosting. The first 30 days of service are eligible for full refunds to unsatisfied customers, and after the first month has passed, you can turn back with ease because Bluehost pays you back what is left of the prepaid sum. Try their live demo. The company has the necessary experience to be reliable hosting providers and responsive assistants in times of trouble. In terms of prices, almost all of their services are discounted right now. Bluehost’s VPS Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate variations enable substantial one-time savings, while the Professional Web Hosting (shared) is only $4.95 for the first month.


4. HostNine

HostNine is a valuable web hosting option. Its Shared, Reseller, Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers vouch for a 99.9% network uptime. In case this value falters, the compensation policy is very clear: for every hour of downtime, an entire day of hosting is given away for free (and deducted from the next prepayment). Apart from this, during the first 45 days of hosting with HostNine, malcontent users can ask for their investments to be returned. Presently, HostNine’s homepage has a great deal of discounts in store for established clients, which target any plans of upgrading the existing hosting service.


5. DreamHost

DreamHost is a welcome addition to my list of the best web hosting providers in the world. The company has 16 years of experience in providing ideal hosting services for bloggers and web designers. DreamHost’s Shared hosting plan is available at the super-convenient price of $8.95/month; a 30-day free trial is available for this option. Alternatively, the VPS hosting service comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage, and can be equipped with 300 MB of RAM for just $15-a-month. DreamHost guarantees a 100% network uptime, and the company’s policy states that an hour of downtime is compensated with 24 hours of free hosting. Whichever service you activate, there is a 97-day window when you can just drop everything and ask for your money back.


10. HostGator

HostGator powers its 12.000 servers with 130% wind energy, meaning that the odds of experiencing downtime with them because of power discontinuity are quite slim. The company’s Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated services will really make the grade for you, whether you’re a beginner, or an experienced developer. HostGator’s Shared hosting is correlated with a 99.9% uptime and a 45-day all money-back guarantee. In addition, the three Shared hosting options are currently subject to an offer of 20% discount for the first invoice. All in all, HostGator is a great candidate for your websites’ hosting.


9. WebHostingBuzz

WebHostingBuzz is also a noteworthy web hosting provider. Check out their discounts: the price of a Dedicated service is now cut off by 50%; moreover, the first month of hosting for Resellers is only $1, if the user simply inserts code “resellerdeal” upon activation. The advantages of signing with WebHostingBuzz include an awesome customer support when you’re in need of assistance, and accessible prices; for instance, a monthly cost of only $4.95 is attached to Shared hosting, then $9.95 to Reseller hosting, and finally $14.95 to resourceful VPS servers. Overall, WebHostingBuzz provides quality web hosting for a good price.


8. Flywheel

Allow me to introduce you to Flywheel, a magnificent web hosting company that aims (and succeeds) to provide hosting for all freelance designers and developers, and for collective creative endeavors. Anyone can have a go at flywheel’s free site experience demo. Basically, the central idea behind Flywheel is to set designers free from the administrative problems which eat up a large portion of their time. In this sense, the company takes charge of launching and then managing their users’ websites: ensuring their protection, backup, updates, and making sure they run fast. Moreover, Flywheel makes it very easy for resellers to manage their own clients’ websites, and for co-workers to interact without the appalling complication of multiple usernames and passwords. And when you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to Flywheel’s support team, because they’re sure to help you bypass any issue.


7. Pixeno

Pixeno is more than qualified to fulfil the dreams of any web designer or developer. The company’s Personal and Reseller hosting plans are attached to a competitive price and they guarantee an unfailing uptime. Enquiring about the kind of technology that boosts Pixeno’s server complex would definitely put your mind at rest, because the company’s headquarters has the most advanced infrastructure I’ve ever seen. You don’t have to take my word for it, Pixeno openly boasts of its top-class hardware on its homepage, and besides you can wholly experience their services via the one-month free trial. All the hosting options from Pixeno ensure that MySQL databases, email addresses, and subdomains associated with a user account are unlimited. Finally, Pixeno does 4 daily backups, and then that information is kept for 2 weeks, so 56 restore points are available at all times.


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