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Tips and Tricks to Making Awesome Videos

Those who fancy themselves  video makers know all too well that making videos is a hard work and requires quite a bit of skills. The following are some tips that will show you how to get movie-level production quality on any device while shooting a video. So, let’s get started.

Use the Back Camera

This might seem obvious, but it is an easy one to forget. While the front cameras on phones have become more reliable for video calls, they have still not reached the point where they can be used as a video maker. It you are looking for consistent quality then the back camera of your phone is what you will need, unless of course, you are recording a short video for Snapchat.

Focus on Stability

Stability is a key to shooting videos on your phone. While recording, remember to hold your phone with both hands or use a tripod. You also need constantly look at your phone to ensure that the recording is smooth. You can also place the phone on a smooth surface to keep it stable and in place while you’re recording.

Always Use Landscape Mode

As mobile devices have gotten larger, the most logical option for creating videos would be to use portrait mode. While that would be ok for viewing a video on a mobile device, needless to say, videos look their best when being viewed on a large screen such as a TV or PC. This is where portrait mode simply does not do justice to the screen. Even if you are recording a video in a hurry, it is always advised to use landscape mode while recording a video.

Don’t Go Off the Grid

The one thing that is worse than watching a video that has been recorded in portrait mode is watching a video that has been taken from the wrong angle. In fact, there is nothing that can ruin a video more that the use of weird angles. But, there is a quick fix. By adding a grid, you can use the background of the image on your phone as a point of reference while you are shooting the video to make sure that the recording is always kept straight. This is an important tip since even the best editing software cannot fix a video that’s been shot at a skewed angle.

Light Things Up

The lighting of a video will play a big part in the quality of your footage and its visibility. Lighting plays an even more important role in videography as compared to photography since, unlike shooting a video in a skewed angle, it is relatively easy to fix. Nowadays, using a video maker makes it possible to apply filters to lighten dark frames where visibility is low. But, as a rule of thumb, it is always best to make sure your subject is properly illuminated by a bright light source. You can use the flashlight of the smartphone as your absolute last resort.


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