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The Triumph Of Life In 18 Magnificent Photographs

Beyond the terrible trials that many are forced to face along the existence, beyond incurable diseases or even beyond death, love triumphs and pulsating life on the sap of humanity.

With a toughness that sometimes defies gloomy forecasts, the man manages to break through into the light, for a new beginning, with soul mutilated body of atrocities unsuspected also sublime entities who refuse to go out, resisting mightily total defeat .

When a girl gets … for instance, a sudden demand in marriage;

When a child …  Lucas Hembree, embraces his accompanist dog ;


When an earthquake survivor … recovers from the ruins the family photo album;

… When a 12 years boy , affected by muscular dystrophy,  manages to simulate the most beautiful shooting, thanks to Matej Peljhan photographer;


… When Meghan Vogel helped Arden McMath to cross the finish line of the competition;


… When Hawkeye the dog watched until exhaustion coffin instructor, a member of Navy SEAL body, slain on duty;


… When an American soldier, returned from his mission, embraces his daughter for the first time;


… When a swimmer with no legs … as Arnulfo Castorena (Mexico) won the gold medal at the Olympics Paralympics;

… When a dog lover swims wearing his dog in water to soothe the pain caused by arthritis;

 … When an old man trying to teach his wife the alphabet, after she lost his memory;

… When an only 8 years old  boy receives honorary banner in memory of his father, killed in action in Iraq;


… When indian teachers improvise table on walls to teach homeless children lessons under a bridge;


… When a aged man is able to beg a kidney to his sick wife, crossing miles away, hoping to find a donor;


… When a rugby champion shares joy of victory with one of its most avid fans;

 … When a young girl kisses the hearse carrying the body of his 20 years old cousin in a military convoy funeral;

… When Old Dean elite shooter of Division “101’st Airborne” (Screaming Eagles) succedto return home and is embraced by his father;

… When a little girl that suffers from cancer draws on the mirror what she wants most in the world;


… When an infantry , Sergeant Frank Praytor, feeds in trenches an orphan kitten ,that is just only two weeks old;


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