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The Pure Passion For Product Design – 30 Gorgeous Packages That You Must See

Package design, label design, advertising, identity, branding…all of these are strongly related and with just one thing in mind: to make you buy the product. Let’s be honest, how many times did you bought something which had an unpleasant look and you didn’t knew the product? I think the answer tends to zero because that is the nature of a buyer. As a buyer, you are attracted to an a product that looks great and this is the number one weapon of any marketing or advertiser department. They are constantly researching your preferences, desires and tastes in order to incorporate them in their product.

This is a good thing but also a bad thing and let me explain why: it’s great to know that your favorite beer manufacturer is interested in your taste in order to deliver the best possible drink, but in the same time it’s not a good news because some of the companies are trying to cheat using clever packages which are promoting mediocre products.

Going on a supermarket is the best visual exercise that you can do in order to understand and detect the products with good design and poor quality. For a consumer it is a constant battle to choose the best product without judging its package.

In this article you can see a collection of 30 highly attractive packages which are made with a pure passion for product design and with attention to the buyer.

Olmeca Altos

30. package design

Stiga Table Tennis

29. package design

Paromi Artisan Tea Company

28. package design

Pipers Crisps

27. package design

Inoxcrom x David Delfín

26. package design


25. package design

Lékué Citrus Spray

24. package design


23. package design


22. package design

East Side Bitter

21. package design

Johnnie Walker Directors Blend

20. package design

Interapothek Toothpaste

19. package design

Pfeffersack & Soehne

18. package design

Two Hands

17. package design


16. package design

Jaw Drop Coolers

15. package design

My Olive Tree

13. package design

Sail & Anchor

12. package design

Stretch Island Fruit Company

11. package design

Austin Beerworks IPA

10. package design

Chocolate Naive

9. package design

Absolut Moscow

8. package design

Wiener Honig

7. package design

Crown Maple Sugar

1. package design


2. package design


3. package design

Evil Spirits Vodka

4. package design

Stiegl Bockbier

5. package design


6. package design



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