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The Most Colorful Hotel In The World

As we speak, Pantone is the de facto standard in the color industry, and their famous color palettes have become a modern cultural icon. In 2009, the company decided to open their first hotel where the defining element is the color.

The general design of the Pantone hotel, which is situated in the center of Bruxelles, is created by Michael Penneman and Oliver Hannaert and is based on a combination of white plus the full color spectrum. All the rooms are very minimalist, the main elements are the colors and the geometric furniture.

Each color has a meaning and all the guests are invited to choose their room in correlation with their favorite color. Besides the impressive design, all the rooms are decorated with genuine photos made by the famous photographer Viktor Levi.

Not only the rooms are decorated in Pantone colors, but even the dishes, the shelves, the furniture and even the whole building. Inside the hotel, all the guests can receive consultancy related to color.

As a bonus, all the guests can rent bikes for free if they want to explore the city sights. The prices start at 100 euros per night and the reservation can be made on


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