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The Importance Of The Perfect Combination Of Color And Typography In Package Design

Designing a package for a product requires a lot of work. You need to know what the client wants, what the consumer wants, what’s the purpose of the product, how can the product attract the interest of the buyer and so on.

As I said, starting with the psychology of the consumer and all the way to the finest graphical details, there’s a lot of work. When creating the design of the package you must embed in it the spirit of that product. You need to know how to choose the best colors, the best fonts, images, materials, slogans. The best of everything.

For the first time consumer, the package is more important than the product because his first interaction with it is by exploring it, by finding the details of the product. Therefore, it is vital to create a package that shows everything about the product but not by creating a novel on it. No, you need to keep it simple yet intriguing. Besides this, it’s important to carefully choose the fonts and the colors. Both of them must match the product’s personality but also they must stand up and get notices in the shop. So you see, creating a good package design is not easy.

These two attributes – color and typography – must help the product to  scream at the buyer, but in a good way. Be bold and creative when choosing them. Use striking colors if the overall design allows it; use twisted fonts if the message allows it. Don’t hesitate to forget the classic rules of marketing, create something that will either shock or amaze. If your product doesn’t do that, it will be forgotten in 10 seconds. Be careful when choosing the colors because we are not perfect. Think about those with color deficiencies and find a compromise.

Look at your design and put yourself in the consumer’s position. Do you like what you see? Would you buy that? Check out the examples below and learn from them.

The Dirty Apron Delicatessen




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Miller High Life – Red White & Blue

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Devil’s Peak Brewing Company



Waldo Trommler Paint


Coors Banquet


Tesco Fresh Fish

Rahal Farms

Tesco Herbal Tea

Yule Login


Stark Skincare


The “Ish” Watch

The Bottle of Wits

You Smell


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