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The Design Institute

The Design Insti­tute pro­vides a basic design edu­ca­tion in courses such as archi­tec­ture, furniture-, graphic– and indus­trial design. The school doesn’t give you a degree, it’s meant to be the first step, before mov­ing on to your cho­sen school and study.

For the 2012 admis­sion Heydays were asked to make a brochure and a sys­tem for a stand at a trade show. Work­ing with archi­tects G*R*I*G, they decided to make a flex­i­ble sys­tem for brochure dis­play shelves and a counter to be used at the fair. They decided to com­bine the con­cept of the stand and the brochure, the graph­ics shows a blue­print of the shapes cut out of the black MDF boards.














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