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The Best 46 Black and White WWII Photos

For so many years, historians and casual observers alike have observed the events of World War II through faded black and white images. What most people do not know is the fact that color photography was initially experimented with 100 years BEFORE World War II.

8th Air Force B-17 Bombs German Airfield

Mustang in Wind Tunnel

Despite damaged wing, pilot manages to fly plane home

WAVES (women accepted for Voluntary Emergency) check out .50cal machine gun

Navy personnel play baseball in Alaska

B-17s on their way to German factories

John McCain, Commander of Task Force 38 in the Pacific. McCain was the grandfather of today’s popular politician John McCain

As their submarine’s stern begins to sink, crewmen of U-664 break out their life rafts and abandon ship following a successful attack by TBF Avengers and F4F Wildcats of Composite Squadron from the escort carrier Card

U-848 moments before it’s death from a PBY’s depth charges. Notice artillery crew in the conning tower

Doolittle Raid; April 18, 1942

Tired Captain sleeps under his Corsair wing during a lull in the fighting

Ship crew put their weight on damaged Wildcat to keep it from falling into sea; 1944

U.S. Coast Guard Gunner

PanzerVI TigerII; Porsche Design

P-47 fires rockets at a mock target

Beach Patrol by Coast Guard on US coast

LST262 and other ships during D-day invasion; 1944

U.S. Coast Guard Beach Patrol Units; 1941


Germans raid

Childrens during war

Launching missils

Russian victory


The city of Cologne in March 1945 after several bombing raids.

Railway installations destroyed in bombing raids in Trappes, near Paris.; 1944

Canadian bomber crews bomb coastal batteries on Friesian Islands; April 1945

Mechanics paint D-Day colors on Spitfire; No.411 Squadron

Detection Corps Volunteer feeds her chickens while watching skies

Canadian Capt. Lawren P. Harris, official war artist, sketching; Italy

German troops examine abandoned British Churchill tank from the Calgary Regiment; After Dieppe Raid; 1942

British commandos (SAS?) upon their return to England after Battle of Dieppe; 1942

Tester fires Bren during a series of test before shipment to front lines; Canada, 1940

British POW released after 5 years

Beautiful WASP ferrying aircraft during the war

Rockets being loaded under the wings of a Corsair

Okinawa deployment of Allied forces

Sunken tank at Okinawa

Royal Navy Avengers

Parafragmentation bombs about to turn japanese planes into scrap.

Close up shot of a marauder, crewman in the nose is having a sly cigarette, usually heavily frowned upon!

Beach landings

Disabled Veteran

American soldiers and their haircuts

Utah Beach, Normandy



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